How to give your home that winter feel

Can there be a more magical time of year than winter? From the prospect of Santa coming at Christmas to festive celebrations with family and friends, it really is a time of year that most people love. If you are thinking of holding a party or celebration over the winter months, then decorating your home in the correct manner is a must. Not only will it give your home that perfect winter feel but also get your guests into the festive party spirit. Even if you are decorating purely for personal enjoyment, it is something that will give your home a fab new look.

Although many people will decorate their house just for the winter period, when done right you can leave this look in place all year. Of course, we’re not talking about a year-round tree in the corner of your living room but merely the other natural and vibrant winter decorating touches that you can use in your home.

Read on for some superb ways to jazz up your house for a winter to remember

Use soft and warm fabrics

If there is one thing that you probably most associate with this season, it is being warm and snuggly inside your home. When the snow is falling outside, decorating your house in soft, cosy fabrics will really give it that special winter vibe. Great ways to do this are with luxurious throws, fabulous blankets and heavy curtains. Of course, cushions in the living spaces are another great decorating tip in this area that will give your home the required look. In terms of colours, you will want to use warm shades such as deep reds and dazzling golds. 

Use natural decoration ideas

A top idea for decorating your property this winter is to use natural accents and materials. This will give your house that bang on-trend Scandi look but also looks fabulous if you want to go more traditional. Think of things such as natural driftwoods and branches, along with pine cones and autumn leaves. When arranged in a bowl or similar container in your living areas or bedrooms, they will really come alive. 

Think about the scents

One key area to consider is the fragrance within your home. If you have kids or pets, then this can be the one thing that needs serious attention as well as the visual elements! Candles are a superb idea here as you can get fantastic-looking, beautifully scented ones to scatter around your home. Scents such as vanilla, apple and cinnamon are all good for that festive vibe. Of course, you could always heat up some essential oil in an oil burner to get the same effect if you prefer. The best oils here are orange, frankincense and pine. 

Warm lighting

One drawback with winter is the lack of daylight that you get coming into your home. Combat this by investing in some warm, romantic lighting to use when it gets dark outside. The contrast of the cosy lighting inside and pitch-black outside will really get you in that Christmas spirit. Of course, it will also mean that you can see what you’re doing when cooking a meal or enjoying a glass of mulled wine. 

Change your artwork

Those light, bright pictures may have looked great in summer, but now it’s winter, they just won’t cut it. Change them over for more neutral-looking pieces that maybe contain more blacks and browns. Or a pop of gold or silver is fine, but think of that winter feel when you are choosing new pictures to hang. If you do it well, you can leave them up all year as they will still look great in spring! 

Window shutters

A superb decoration tip for any season, winter included, is quality window shutters. These will not only allow you to keep the cold and dark out but will also be handy in the summer when you can let the outside back in! Not only that, but they will also really give your house extra visual appeal as guests arrive for any parties that you may be throwing. They come in many styles now and are very cost-effective, so you are bound to find the perfect shutters for your home. 

Decorating your home for winter is fun

Getting your home ready for the winter season and Christmas is great fun. Grab a drink and let your imagination turn your property into a winter wonderland that everyone will love. If you have decorated it with the right feeling, it will turn out just how you wanted it.

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