Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas

shutterstock_337951487-1Each year Christmas seems to arrive earlier and earlier. With it can come great expense, for the presents, food, alcohol and other purchases, meaning the Christmas credit card statement can really stack up.

To help combat the ever growing cost of Christmas many people are choosing to make their Christmas presents rather than buy them this year. If you are looking to save a few pennies and create some amazing handcrafted gifts, then Calderbrook Woodwork Machinery have a few ideas to get you inspired:

1 Far From Basic Chopping Boards

This may sound like a basic gift but chopping boards are both useful and can be personalised to make them a pleasant gift. You can take pieces of wood and sand them down before carving a family name, quote or anything else into the board.

These are useful for everyday but can also be great to serve things such as cheese, desserts or appetisers on at Christmas time.

2 Handmade and Personalised Photo Frames

Photo frames make the best Christmas presents. Make your own easily using a Panel Saw from Calderbrook Woodwork Machinery. Cut the pieces of wood to fit and once they are glued together you can decorate them in a number of ways.

Paint them, cover them in glitter, stick flowers to them, whatever you decide to decorate them with, you can create the perfect present for a favourite relative.

3 Coaster For Anyone And Everyone

Coasters are useful, fun and easy to make yourself. They don’t have to look perfect they can look rustic and handcrafted.

Using a panel saw you can shape the coasters into whichever design you would like and then varnish them to give as a gift. These are perfect for stopping your hot beverages marking counters and can be wrapped up or tied with a little ribbon for an original look.

4 Kitchen Utensils

Every kitchen needs utensils and everyone deserves to have some that are stylish, elegant and personalised. With a little skill and know-how, making salad forks, wooden spoons, spatulas and a range of other handy kitchen tools can be the perfect Christmas gift. Send them to your mum for her to use on Christmas day or to your uncle to cook up a great bubble and squeak on boxing day.

5 Baubles For Any Christmas Tree

If you want to go the extra mile and really make someone’s Christmas sparkle then try creating a wooden bauble for their Christmas tree.

Handcrafted gifts that can be reused every Christmas are great for the whole family to enjoy and treasure. Personalise them with painted designs and shapes to really make them extra special. You can make them from wood, paper or even fill clear plastic balls with sequins. This kind of gift also allows you to print a personalised message on the back so that the recipient knows just who it came from.

With handmade gifts the possibilities are endless, it is just up to you to get inspired and make the perfect gifts for less.

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