How to make an Extension feel Cosy at Christmas

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You may think it impossible for your conservatory, orangery or modern extension to feel cosy at Christmas, with all that glass, but even if your room has an expanse of windows, roof lights or lantern and bi-fold doors, it is still possible to make the space nice and snug, with a few tricks.  Take inspiration from some of the latest home interior trends and give your ‘blank canvas’ a warm and inviting feel:

Layer Up


One of the best things you can do is ‘layer up’ your room.  Some extensions can feel a little boxy and uninspired, so it’s about softening hard edges and introducing texture through fabrics and textiles that will add warmth and lots of cosy appeal.  Choose area rugs and a knitted pouf or sheepskin for the floor.  Arrange throws, blankets and cushions on the seating.  Fabric armchairs and sofas can feel warmer than leather – velvet is ideal – and if you have a dining table in the space, don’t neglect it; add a tablecloth or runner and perhaps cushions on dining chairs.  Blinds at the windows can help a glass room feel more enclosed and ‘cocooned’ in the evening, while a large blank wall can be softened either by painting it a warm tone or by hanging a decorative wall tapestry or woven rug.  The ‘Boho’ interior trend is really popular now, so you could add a shaggy Moroccan rug and lots of plants to the space, to create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

Set the Temperature Right

Hopefully when you built your extension, insulation was added and you opted for the latest ‘A’ rated, double-glazed windows, since rooms with lots of glass can otherwise get very cold in the winter.  Many people use a thermostat to set their room temperature, which works by recording the ambient air temperature around it and if that air is lower than the thermostat, the boiler will automatically be fired up.  If you don’t have central or underfloor heating in your extension, you can still banish chills in a number of ways to ensure the room feels warm and inviting to any visitors.  You could opt for electric radiators or fan heaters.  Or perhaps consider installing a wood burning stove, which will also give your modern extension some character.  Freestanding or table top bio-ethanol fireplaces are also ideal for use indoors, since bio fuel is clean to burn and completely renewable and environmentally friendly.

Decorations, Candles and Fairylights

Christmas candles

You can always rely upon groups of candles and strings of fairy lights to warm up a cold space.  Opt for winter white bulbs rather than icy blue lights.  If your extension is quite large, with a lofty roof space, then it’s the perfect excuse to go for a big Christmas Tree at this time of year!  Make it a real feature of the room – it will bring the outside in and you could decorate it with lots of warm metallic ornaments, in copper or gold, and more glowing fairylights to maximise that feeling of warmth.

Finally, some Christmas scented candles can infuse the room with aromas of mulled wine, cinammon, spiced apple and vanilla, all of which evoke a feeling of warmth and well-being.  So don’t neglect your extension this season, it can be a brilliant entertaining space and if you introduce a few of these touches, you’ll really make the most of the space!  Why not head to Network VEKA’s ‘Cosy Conservatories’ Pinterest Board for even more ideas to inspire you.


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