Handy Guide To Choosing The Right Bed

So you’ve decided to refresh your bedroom or guest room and need to get a new bed.

Maybe it’s been a while since you bought a bed, so what should you think about before you buy? Read on for some handy tips to help you choose.

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What size bed is best?

First of all, are you familiar with the standard bed sizes available in the UK?

  • A small single is 75cm x 190cm
  • A single is 90cm x 190cm
  • A queen (small double) is 120cm x 190cm
  • A double is 135cm x 190cm
  • A King is 150cm x 200cm
  • A Super King is 180cm x 200cm

Choosing the right sized bed comes down to how much space you have in your room and whether you are sleeping with a partner or not. Consider where the bed should be positioned too, then you can measure up and opt for a good fit. Obviously a larger King or Super King bed is going to allow you to spread out more and get comfy, but they can dominate a bedroom. Think about the other furniture in the room, for example you will probably want bedside tables; will the space accommodate them as well as the bed? If your room has been emptied ready for redecorating, you could mark out with tape on the floor the size and position of the bed to help you visualise the impact it will have in your room.

Choosing the best bed style for your room

You may think a bed is just a bed, right? A mattress on a base. However, beds come in a range of styles and some may suit your bedroom and your needs better than others.

If storage space is in short supply, then a storage bed can be a great option. Storage beds will either have handy drawers in a divan base, or they may be an Ottoman style, which means the mattress lifts up at the bottom, or tilts upwards at one side, to reveal the whole space beneath the mattress – a very roomy area for keeping spare bedding or out of season clothes, for example. Speaking of divan beds, they are usually on castors which can make moving them around easier than dragging a bed base on legs.

You may prefer an upholstered fabric bed to a metal or wooden bed. It comes down to taste and the interior style you are going for. A fabric bed, for example in velvet, can look sumptuous and elegant. Think boutique hotel. Whereas a metal bed can give a more industrial or urban vibe to a bedroom. Wooden beds tend to convey rustic charm, giving a country cottage or coastal feel.

Wooden framed beds are popular for kids bedrooms and the classic bunk bed design is a great option for two kids when space is limited. Or a high sleeper with a desk space underneath which can work well in a small ‘box’ bedroom.

Guest beds look luxurious and welcoming with fabric or leather-style upholstery. They usually come with a built in headboard which looks smart. Which brings us on to, should you have a headboard or not? Well, it’s personal choice. If you plan on installing a bold feature wall or a wall mural like this, you may decide against having a headboard. But a headboard can provide both a design twist and help protect the wall from damage. It can also cushion your head or help you feel supported comfortably when reading in bed. Some beds have a built-in headboard, others have the option to add one.

What type of mattress to opt for?

There are many different types of mattress – the one you choose needs to match your bed and your desired comfort level. Sometimes you can get away with just buying a new mattress, rather than replacing the whole bed, but with an older bed base or frame, it may be best to invest in all new for the most comfort, longevity and suitability for your mattress. A mattress will sit just inside a wooden bed base, whereas the mattress edges will sit flush on top of a divan. So if you are not buying your base and bed as a pair, you will need to measure to ensure a good mattress fit.

Memory foam mattresses and pocket sprung mattresses are both popular options, but there are many variations when it comes to mattresses. Comfort levels vary, from soft to medium to firm support. If you suffer with a bad back you may want a firm mattress or specifically an orthopedic mattress. For sheer convenience, you may consider getting a roll up mattress that’s delivered to your door rolled in a box that can easily be carried upstairs! If you are stuck for choice there are even hybrid mattresses which are part sprung/part memory foam.

Whichever bed you decide to buy, do your research first, test some mattresses out in person if you can, or if you aren’t able to, then at least try it out at home before you take off the protective wrap. Also, make sure if you order a large bed it will actually fit through the door and up the stairs! Happy shopping.

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