How To Give Your Bedroom The Luxury Hotel Feel

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There’s something special about staying in a fancy hotel with a perfectly made bed layered in crisp white bedding and plump cushions to make you want to dive straight in! Wouldn’t it be nice if your own bedroom gave you that same feeling every night?

To make your bedroom at home feel as inviting as a boutique hotel, there’s a few things you can do – why not follow these tips!

Invest in your bed

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If it’s time for a new bed or mattress, it’s worth investing in the best you can afford. It’s hard to put a price on a good night’s sleep and if you think about cost per sleep, a good quality, comfortable bed won’t owe you anything in the end. If you find you sleep better in a hotel bed than your own, what is it that makes it more comfy. How can you transform your bedroom? A firmer or softer mattress? Is it the size of the mattress that allows more room to move around? Is there a topper on the mattress for added comfort? 

There are many questions on how to make your bedroom have a luxury feel and the main thing to consider is by choosing the best mattress. Sleeping Duck vs Koala Mattress are people’s choice when buying mattress for elegant and luxury bedroom designs. So it’s always best to visit online resource before buying new mattress for your bedroom.

Bed linen for the win 

Nothing beats those freshly laundered and pressed bed sheets. To replicate the hotel experience, go for top-quality crisp cotton percale bedding in snowy white. It’s not so much about thread count, but the quality and feel when you touch it. Make sure you get plenty of sumptuous pillows for the plumped up hotel bed look. 

Room decor must haves

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Hotel rooms are free of clutter which helps to give a relaxing feel. An upmarket hotel suite will tend to be zoned with spaces for working, relaxing, getting dressed. Their colour scheme usually leans towards a tasteful soft and natural palette. Walls, carpeting and curtains are often creamy, beige or pale blue. This imparts a feeling of calm and peacefulness. There may be neutral wall art in abstract designs. Upholstery adds a layer of comfort with fabric chairs and luxury window dressings. Go for full length black out curtains combined with sheer voile drapes to diffuse the light and give privacy.

Layered lighting

A luxury hotel room will have layers of lighting to give a sophisticated feel. Varied sources of lighting include wall lights, bedside lights, main light, lamps – all of which can usually be dimmable to adjust the level of lighting to suit your mood and needs.

Little touches of luxury

Those little luxury touches make you feel pampered, whether it’s a fresh towel on the bed or a chocolate on the pillow. You might want to treat yourself to a new scented candle, nice new clothes hangers, a vase of fresh flowers. An elegant glass carafe on the night stand is another nice touch to provide that boutique hotel feel. 

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