9 Ways To Enjoy The Autumn Season This Year

When the leaves turn and autumn arrives it can affect people differently. For many there is a sense of nostalgia; remembering collecting conkers as a child, the fun of dressing up for Halloween and carving pumpkins. There’s a magical mist in the air, the smell of bonfires. For some there is a sadness about this season, too, a feeling that things are ending, but also, hopefully, a sense of optimism for the future. School starting back for a new term can feel like a fresh start and longer, cosy nights in allow us to hunker down and replenish ourselves, with more self-care and a few early nights to catch up on sleep.

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There are plenty of simple pleasures to be had this season, which are good for the soul and don’t need to cost a lot of money. So here’s a round up of nine things you could enjoy this autumn:

Go for a ramble

Enjoy the fresh air by taking a long walk through the woods or heading to a local beauty spot you maybe haven’t had time to visit in a while. Treat yourself to a takeaway hot chocolate with extra whipped cream and marshmallows and find a quiet spot to marvel at nature. Put your phone away. Sit, pause, re-set.

Book a night away

Whether camping in a canvas tipi appeals to you, glamping in a wooden pod or spoiling yourself and partner with a night’s stay at a boutique hotel, complete with roll top bath and breakfast in bed… There’s no doubt that a change of scene can be a great mood booster. If looking at the same four walls is getting you down, then escaping to a different environment, a new town or village, to explore even for a weekend, can be a great tonic.

Visit a farmers or makers market

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The beauty of autumn is that the weather can still be quite pleasant, so make the most of being outdoors while you can. Wrap up warm and head to a farmers or makers market to browse the fresh seasonal produce and homemade wares. Now is the time to head out to a pumpkin patch to pick a pumpkin or several. The kids will love it and you’ll all go home with a rosy glow in your cheeks.

Find a hobby or passion

Maybe you used to enjoy playing chess or sketching comic book characters? Perhaps now is the time to have a go at writing that short story idea you once had, or crafting something for the home. You could buy a candle making kit or have a go at creating an autumnal door wreath with cones and berries. Anything you can do by the fireside is ideal or while binging on a good boxset – knitting, crochet, macrame. The things granny used to do are trendy today! Maybe you could get into up-cycling some old plant pots or a chest of drawers. Paint and new handles can do wonders to revive an old piece of furniture. Find a creative outlet that’s satisfying and takes you away from the constantly rolling news and social media.

Bake a pie

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Maybe you love to bake, so this idea is a no-brainer. But if you’re not a dab hand in the kitchen, baking a home made pie is the ideal way to tease out your culinary side. The process of making the pastry (or even rolling out some ready-made!) adding your fillings, watching the pastry top bake to a crisp golden brown, the delicious aroma filling the kitchen is nearly as enjoyable as eating it. Apple and blackberry crumble, pumpkin pie, or a plum tart. There’s lots of choice this season. Serve with custard, cream or ice cream and hot toffee sauce. If you don’t have a sweet tooth, there are savoury options too – chicken and leek or cheese and potato are both warming and popular at this time of year.

Make your nest cosy

Forget the spring clean, why not do an autumn one? Declutter your rooms and rearrange furniture. Add a few new scented candles or a nice diffuser and some cosy cushions, put your thermal curtains up and clean the rug. Add an extra lamp or put some string lights up outside on the patio or balcony so you can enjoy them from the inside as dusk falls. Layer up the bed with fresh bedding, the warmest duvet you own and a knitted, furry or fleece throw. This season you can become your own interior designer if you so wish.

Declutter your wardrobe

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This is a great time to organise your wardrobe, shoes and bags. Polish leather goods, clean suede, pack the summer holiday clothes away and organise your shirts, jumpers, jeans and skirts into complete outfits, including seasonal accessories such as hats. Think about how you could add a long sleeve t-shirt, roll neck jumper or tights to certain dresses to get extra wear out of them beyond the summer.

Use this time for selfcare

Penny Leather Nail Polish by Orly

Your wellbeing is important so prioritise a bit of pamper time. Face masks, hair treatments, body scrubs and a bubble bath – you could have a weekly beauty night where you paint your nails in autumnal shades such as brick red, conker brown, or plum purple. To relax, why not try getting into yoga or meditation and mindfulness to help you de-stress and reduce anxiety.

Invest in you

Have you thought that now might be an ideal time to learn a new skill? You could take a creative course such as photography, interior design or nail art? Have a look online at free courses and maybe you could up your IT skills in photoshop etc. Autumn is a wonderful season to take up running, too. It’s not too hot or too cold and exercising is guaranteed to boost your immune system and mental wellbeing, no matter your age. There are small local running groups or apps to help get you up to your first 5k – and then after that, who knows?

Wishing you a healthy and happy autumn! Why not post this pin for later:

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