Healthy Haircare Dos and Don’ts

Whether you’re lucky enough to be gifted with naturally amazing, thick and healthy hair or you have to work for it, there is something rewarding about spending time taking care of your locks. While many of us are into skincare, spending hours upon hours applying serums, masks and peels, few people actually spend time properly caring for the hair on their head.

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Knowing what products are suitable for our hair types, as well as what combs and brushes we need to use to not destroy our hair, it can often feel like a bit of a minefield. While hair is typically hardy, there are many things each and every day that could damage our locks.

3 hair dos

Regularly using oils such as Argan oil after washing but before conditioning, will help to keep your hair nourished. By using oils on freshly washed hair, you’re allowing it to grab as much nutrition as possible. Once the oil has done its work, finish with a conditioner or a mask and rinse.

We all exfoliate our skin regularly, but why not our scalp? Using a scalp exfoliating mask once or twice a month will keep your scalp healthy, clean and vibrant! Just like your face, our scalp produces oil, and over time a build up of oil can lead to itchiness, dandruff, irritation and dull hair.

A surprising one that many might not know, after washing your hair and rinsing out any conditioners or masks, finish off with a cold rinse. Not the most desirable in the shower, but the cold water helps to flatten your hair cuticles, making your hair softer, smoother and shinier! Who doesn’t want to have hair that looks like you’ve stepped right out of a L’Oréal advert.

3 hair don’ts

Having knots in your hair can be the worst, and we can all be quick to go at it with a brush. Brushing too hard is the quickest way to break your hair. The result will be pulling your hair out straight from the root, ultimately leading to messy and uneven strands. Investing in the right brushes and combs for every occasion is a must.

Whatever you do, try and avoid tying your hair too tight. Ponytails, braids and headbands stretch your hair causing it to break. If you can, tie your hair as lose as possible, but ensure it’s comfortable for you.

Finally, don’t style your hair while it’s wet. It’s at its most delicate and fragile when wet, and brushing or styling straight after a shower will cause wear and tear and split ends. If you need to, use a wide-toothed combe to untangle!

If you already have a good skincare routine, why not introduce some small additions in the form of haircare too.

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