Helpful Ways to Stay Productive While Working from Home

Despite so many uncertainties about the future, one thing is for sure: remote working is here to stay. It remains one of the most significant developments from the COVID-19 pandemic as businesses have been compelled to improvise to avoid total closure and collapse. A study shows that 74% of companies are planning to adopt working from home post-pandemic. However, remote working has brought about some challenges, such as a decrease in productivity. So, how do you maintain productivity while working from home? Here are some tips you should consider.

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Designate your working space


Research shows that designating a part of your home as your working space can keep you focused. It allows you to distance yourself from distractions and maintain a deeper concentration on the task in front of you. It is ideal to allocate a room as your home office. If this is not possible, you can draw a portion of your living room or bedroom to be the area you’ve dedicated to doing your work in. Although this may lead to a sense of crowdedness, these are effective techniques you can adopt to have your home office without losing a room


Take regular breaks and go outside


Taking routine breaks from work is essential to remain productive. Simple activities like walking do so much for your health. It is vital to take some time off after every few hours to enhance your mental clearness and productivity. If you have a dog, then this is an excellent reason to go outside for a walk. Breaking away from your working area will help break the monotony and keep your mind refreshed. Remember that sun and fresh air are not just good for plants but humans too. 


Update your music playlist


Under the “traditional” working conditions, listening to music during work hours was prohibited. This is unfortunate, as studies have shown a positive relation between music and productivity. Luckily, remote working presents an excellent working environment as you can incorporate your ideal music genre to boost your working mood. However, it is advisable to listen to instrumental and classical music as they are the best genres for increasing productivity. Whichever your choice may be, you will need to be sensitive to your spouse, children or whomever you may be sharing your space with; so, don’t make a lot of noise.


Don’t stop socialising


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Like in your conventional workplace, socialising is equally essential when working from home. A sense of disconnection, loneliness, and isolation can affect your mental health. Working from home should never feel like living on a deserted island. Video apps such as Facetime, Zoom, and Skype allow you to communicate face to face with other colleagues and friends. This will also help keep you on your toes and keep your working space tidy. 

Remote working is a significant adjustment for people even though many are gradually becoming accustomed to it. Feeling unproductive can put you under emotional strain and cause an unhealthy balance between your work and life. These tips should keep you optimised for high productivity.  

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