10 Reasons to Install Vertical Blinds in Your Home

Blinds come in the form of vertical or horizontal. No matter the design, they all have the same purpose of controlling the amount of natural lighting you let into your home. 

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If you’re having a hard time deciding how you want to use vertical blinds to your interior design advantage, consider the following pros.

Tall Setting

With vertical blinds, the appearance of a tall area will be presented immediately. No matter the room theme, vertical blinds will emphasize the height of each room, giving the impression of how open the space is.

With an open area, individuals will immediately feel free to move around. No one likes to feel claustrophobic or congested. With an interior feature highlighting the space, each piece in the room will stand out beautifully together. 

Shade and Design

With vertical blinds, you have the power of choosing the colour and detailed features. Express yourself and your home by choosing a colour and shade. Also, choose a detailed design to be on each vertical blind piece.

Choosing the appearance of your blinds can add as a highlighting feature in your home. They can make a sole appearance or match with your furniture pieces. Decide how you want to make a lasting impression with your vertical blinds. Blinds are an interior design piece!


Just like letting in sunlight, blinds also control to amount of privacy you want between the comfort of your home and the outside world. Like natural lighting, you can turn the blinds however much you’d like. If you want to reveal the whole view, there is an option to completely move every single blind piece to the side in sync. 

Easy Maintenance

With these blinds stunningly bringing out your home, keep them looking fresh by cleaning them. Taking care of vertical blinds is easier than ever. You just need a microfiber cloth, vacuum, and sponge item. 

First, you will use the microfiber cloth to hold onto any loose dust particles. Slowly wipe down each vertical blind with care. After this, you will need a vacuum handy.

Next, plug in your vacuum and get the nozzle. Attach the bristle brush to the nozzle. This brush will swipe over your vertical blinds to completely remove any leftover dust pieces. Now that the dirt has been lifted restoring the colour will be done.

Lastly, you will dilute detergent so it won’t be so soapy. With a sponge, you will dip it into the water and detergent solution, squeeze the sponge to remove most of the liquid. The sponge should be damp because it will only wipe over the blinds. Don’t soak the blinds. This is the last cleaning phase to restore your beautiful vertical blinds.

Easy, right? Maintaining vertical blinds take three easy steps!

Weather Control

Similar to sunlighting and privacy, vertical blinds can help with the temperature in your home. On a hot day, the blinds can block the heat from entering your home or allow it in. Same with the cold, the blinds can chill your household, or you can stop the breeze from entering.

Easy Controls

Vertical blinds are not complicated to handle. Most blinds are controlled manually. There is a beaded string and another string. The beaded one allows the blind to move sideways while the other allows the blinds to move to one side completely. 

You won’t have any complications adjusting your blinds. Open and close your blinds every day with ease.

Repair With Ease

Over time, these blinds can fall and break from the area it’s hooked at. Don’t panic. There is an easy fix for this. Try this life hack! You only need a paperclip and tape. 

With the paperclip, it will lay horizontally at the very top where there is a chip due to the hooked damaged area. The paper clip will be taped then. With the paperclip serves as a new hook handle. Your own blind will be able to hang on for it’s coming days.

Classic Choice

The vertical blinds have been around since the 1950s. Because of this, they are classic. They are not out of style but have adjusted to remain modern. With the variety of presentations, they come in; it is no wonder why vertical blinds are still around today and will be in the future.

Economical Prices

Vertical blinds have affordable pricing. It is why these blinds can be found in several homes. You are probably familiar with vertical blinds yourself!

Getting vertical blinds installed is fair in pricing, giving you the much-needed window shield. Nothing is better than saving money and only spending it on items you really need. Besides, vertical blinds are awesome when welcoming vertical sunlight rays.

Clean Presentation

Still, thinking about vertical blinds? Why wouldn’t you choose them? Their presentation is great for all occasions, whether it’s for business meetings, family dinners, or a lazy day at home. These blinds go with every occasion!

There’s nothing better than getting an interior item that matches with everything. Make it easy on yourself by choosing vertical blinds that will look just as stunning as your other home items.


Photo by Adrien Olichon from Pexels

Choosing blinds can be a process. You want your windows to have the most flattering covering and for it to match with the rest of your home. It’s important to take your time when choosing an item that will settle in your home for as long as you are there. 

Besides, you’ll have to take time aside to decide what shade and printed details you’d like on the blinds. This is where you decide how the blinds will play a matching role in your home. 

There are so many pros on to why vertical blinds are a great idea to add in your home. What are you waiting for? Start planning your vertical blinds now. There’s no problem with doing more research on the pros of these blinds. 

Take your time on making an important decision. Look forward to welcoming the sun, weather, and personal view in the future. Blinds are like a security blanket you control.

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