Home Activities to Keep You Busy During The 3rd Lockdown

Over the past few weeks, it has become somewhat inevitable that we would find ourselves in another lockdown. Whilst this isn’t ideal, this latest lockdown is taking place in the bleakest months of the year. It’s cold out there, and maybe not having to brave those freezing winter mornings can be a good thing. After all, there are lots of activities we can do to help pass the time at home.

Make Travel Plans

It’s true that we can’t actually travel anywhere at the moment, but that won’t last forever! Why not spend this lockdown researching the places you want to go to, and make a plan to go there when this is all behind us. Watch some travel shows, read guide books, and make a detailed itinerary of everything you want to do there, including the hotel you want to stay in and some restaurants you want to dine at. It’ll give you something to look forward to and save money towards over the next few months.

Study a New Language

This activity could also link in with your newly found travel plans. If you’ve always wanted to learn a new language, and didn’t get around to it in the first or second lockdown, why not commit to it this time round. There are lots of helpful courses available online, including Spanish courses via apps such as Babbel, that are tailored to the level you’re starting at, even if you’re a novice. This is a great skill to pick up for the future, and think of how impressed your friends and family will be when they see you rolling off sentences in another language!


There’s no question that this pandemic has been extremely stressful for a lot of people, and if you are finding it particularly difficult to deal with, then meditation is a great way of managing your anxiety and clearing your mind. If you aren’t sure how to start meditating, there are plenty of courses and videos online that will help you begin. Not only will it help to keep you calm right now, but it’s also a great tool for the future, and will improve your mental health overall.

Wardrobe Declutter

This is the ideal time to have a thorough sort through of your clothes and accessories that are taking up precious space in your wardrobe. There may be clothes in there that you haven’t worn for ages, and things that don’t even fit anymore. Have some fun whilst doing it, by taking pictures of some outfits, and remembering what looks great on you so you can impress your friends after lockdown. There may even be some clothes you can give to charity, which is always a good thing to do.

Donate Your Time to the Coronavirus Effort

Following on from donating your clothes, why not donate some of your time too. Not everyone can afford to donate financially, but we all have lots of time on our hands right now. Look in on an elderly neighbour to see if they need anything, help out at your local food bank, or even volunteer at a vaccine centre near you. You’ll be helping out your local community, and it will improve your mood too.

These activities will not only see you through lockdown, but will have a positive influence on your life beyond that. They will give you something to focus on, improve your mental wellbeing, and allow you to give something back to your local society. Most of all, they will help you to feel that you have done something worthwhile during these next few months.

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