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Since the pandemic, more and more fitness lovers have started working out from the comfort of their own homes. However, once you get to a certain level of fitness, an exercise mat just doesn’t do the trick anymore. If you want to keep progressing and challenging yourself when exercising at home, this blog is for you. It will take you through some of the most popular home additions that will make working out that extra bit easier. And don’t forget to find your perfect personal trainer in Liverpool if you need a bit of guidance in order to achieve your workout goals.

Hand weights

If you’ve only been doing bodyweight training so far, buying some adjustable hand weights is the perfect next step in your fitness routine. You’ll be able to do lots of the same moves but with some added resistance. Adjustable hand weights are great because you can add an extra five or ten kilograms to the handles as you get stronger, meaning you won’t have lots of individual dumbbells cluttering up your home. Of course resistance bands can be used instead of weights and they are particularly good to take with you when you travel as they don’t take up much room and aren’t heavy like hand weights!

Foam roller

Working out regularly can leave you with some unpleasant muscle aches. While it’s normal to experience soreness, even as you become more experienced, that doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. A foam roller can help with your workout recovery and should be paired with stretching exercises after a strengthening routine. There are lots of videos online that show you how to use a foam roller depending on the areas of the body you want to target. To really loosen up a specific area, you could also consider a massage ball or even a massage gun for more intensive relief.

Skipping rope

Lots of people hate jogging, but it’s one of the most accessible forms of cardio when you don’t have any gym equipment. The next most accessible is skipping, which can be done with a relatively inexpensive rope. Skipping is a high-intensity form of cardio that’s popular amongst boxers and fitness lovers who’ve never learnt to love running. While it might take a little while to get the hang of, even a ten- or fifteen-minute burst will leave you out of breath.

Storage solution

As you start to accumulate lots of fitness equipment, you’ll need an effective way to store it. Otherwise, you’ll be tripping over your weights and resistance bands as you go about your normal life. However, sometimes a regular cupboard or space in your drawers just doesn’t cut it. Consider investing in a sturdy container or cabinet that’s designed to store dumbbells and your exercise mat. This way you’ll always be able to find everything you need and you can swap and change your equipment mid-workout without fumbling through clutter.

Quality yoga mat

Using a regular exercise mat for yoga can hinder your practice significantly, so if you’re serious about taking yoga to the next level, invest in a good mat. Yoga mats are typically thinner than foam workout mats to provide better grip and balance. This will help you feel more secure in poses like downward-facing dog and crow.

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