Ten Great Reasons To Go To Florida At Least Once

When was the last time you had a holiday? Most people get to book them through life but they don’t get to book very many. A holiday is considered a luxury rather than something we should all be having in order to unwind and relax. Who was it that decided we should spend 50 weeks a year working and just 2 weeks away? Whoever it was didn’t consider that burnout is a thing and for us to avoid burnout, we need a break! 

One place that everyone should want to go in the world at least once is Florida. Florida is home to so many different places but it’s also home to a range of tourist destinations and wildlife that can be lifechanging to see in person. Theme parks are one of the biggest draws to Florida, and whether you make your trip one that you book directly through the Disney website or you choose Ocean Florida, you need to put Florida on your list. You need more than rollercoasters, though. Your trip to Florida will be packed with beaches and nightlife, oceans and Keys if you know where to travel. The Sunshine State isn’t called that for no reason, you know. Florida is known for its days packed with sunshine and sand. The beaches are to die for and the people are wonderful.

So, with all of that in mind, we’ve got ten reasons that you should go to Florida at least once in life.

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  1. The places. Orlando. The Keys. Miami. Fort Lauderdale. These are all places you could have heard of, but they are all places you should add to your itinerary. There’s theme parks and beaches, shopping and food opportunities. There’s Busch Gardens and scenery for the culture vultures to enjoy. There’s art and gardens and a hugely thriving arts scene, too. Florida offers kitschy old stores and live rock and roll, family amusements and carnivals, too. You can get your diving qualification and you can learn to boat through the Everglades. Everywhere you go in Florida offers opportunities that you can’t pass up.
  2. Kissimmee. If you ever want to go anywhere in Florida, it should be Kissimmee. It’s known as a gateway to the fun you can have. Theme parks and adventures, old towns and amazing food, everything you could want is all found here in Kissimme and Virgin Atlantic flights go here, too. You can fish on Lake Tohopekaliga and you can enjoy the fact that Kissimmee is much more affordable than places like Orlando. It’s a good place to stay when you’re on a budget and you can still enjoy the surroundings. 
  3. For golf. Did you know that Florida was known for its golfing? Like pancakes and syrup, golf and Florida make a pair and you will find over 1,300 courses across Florida for some of the best golfing opportunities around the world. You can even find the PGA tour headquarters here, and you’ll be able to book a stay in a great golf resort if that’s your thing!
  4. For the city beaches. Did you know that Panama has a beach? Northwest Florida is known as the panhandle, and it’s here that you’ll find Panama city. Packed with restaurants and attractions, hotels and miles and miles of white sand, it’s a beautiful place to be and it’s why it brings in all the tourists. You’ll also have an abundance of wildlife and nature parks, so you won’t just find the city and the beach here. One of the best things about it is the dolphins! You can find dolphins in the wild here and there’s even a shipwreck trail to be enjoyed. 
  5. Food. The food is perfect in Florida for a good reason – the people! The fusion of Cajun and Creole influence will make you really appreciate the food here. You can eat plenty of fresh seafood and really appreciate pit barbecues after being here for a while. Authentic grits and delicious dishes are known as Floribbean because of the Caribbean cultural influence here. Florida key lime pie will finish up your meal and you’ll love the taste – especially when it’s homemade!

Image source: Pexels

  1. Beaches. This is the main reason that anyone comes to Florida – the oceans. The miles and miles of beach are key here as Florida is a beach-lined state. There are 210 miles of beach alone in the Gulf Coast west, and you’ll soon see why the beaches draw the crowds when you get here. There are villa options, family resorts and from Sarasota to Naples, you’ll find beach options for all. Honeymooners and clubbers love to be here and all you need to do is book your travel plans. 
  2. Because you can. There are so many places that you should want to visit in the world, and you should always put Florida on the list because you simply can. In all of the world, there are fantastic beaches, theme parks and places to gain new experiences and see new things. Florida is just one of them! St. Pete and Clearwater are popular areas and if you can book here, you should. They are wonderful places for a little rest and relaxation, and there are some vibrant sunsets here to enjoy for anyone who comes here. If you can book to go to Florida, you should at least once in your life! 
  3. The Keys. When you see Florida on a map, you’ll see several islands and the Keys are a chain of islands that are linked one by one. Each has cool cocktails and white sugar beaches, plenty of dessert and restaurant options and you can learn to dive, too! Scuba diving qualifications are common here for visitors and if you want to enjoy a little of the marine life, the Florida Keys are a good place to begin. Schools of fish, shipwrecks; Florida has the underwater world that will take you away from it all. There are underwater statues encrusted in corals and you’ll find so many things here that you can’t get anywhere else in the world.
  4. The wildlife. Oh, the wildlife! Did you know that Florida has an abundance of wonderful wildlife? There are alligators in the Everglades and even panthers. Everglades National Park is a must and you’ll find a range of animals from bobcats to pythons and even raccoons. This is a wonderful travel destination and you will learn so much about new wildlife while you are traveling around the state. 
  5. The movie locations. Miami has appeared in so many movies and TV shows that when you arrive, you’ll be pointing out all of the things you’ve seen before. You’ll also see Miami’s South Beach as a place to workout and enjoy yourself. The beaches alone here are beautiful, and the street scene is stunning. Think rollerblading women and body building men!

You can go to Florida as many times as you like, but you should go at least once in your life. You need to think about how you can get the trip together and book as soon as you can. You can fly from most places in the world and if you want to expand your trip, add a cruise from Florida around the area. You can cruise around the keys, hire a boat and learn to boat on the Everglades – and don’t forget to book into Disney for at least a few nights! You’ll tick off so many bucket list boxes when you book to go to Florida – and it’s definitely worth the flight.

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