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Thoughts On ‘Try Tuesday’ – the M&S Personal Styling Service

Are you familiar with ‘Try Tuesday’?

I’d not heard about it until recently and neither had my friends, so I was quite excited to discover more.

If you’re still wondering what it is, head to www.trytuesday.com and you’ll find a stylish website offering a ‘free personal style and inspiration service’.  It’s complimentary and at first glance you would never know its designed and developed by Marks & Spencer, as it isn’t badged as such.

I was keen to try it and suspect others would be too, if they even knew about it.  You’ve nothing to lose as you are under no obligation to buy, and it might just spark a few new outfit ideas for you to try.  It does mean that all the outfit selections will be M&S products of course.

As for the name, Try Tuesday, apparently that’s the day of the week we are most open to trying something new!  When you click on the ‘Get started’ button you’ll be assigned a real life personal stylist who will send you a number of outfit ideas, tailored to you.

You’ll be asked if you want to work on your day to day or work wardrobe.  I don’t have a work wardrobe as such as I work from home so I opted for day to day, but would have quite liked to see a going out/evening option too as, although I don’t go out a lot, it’s an area I could do with some help as I never know what to wear on a night out!

Then you can choose whether you’d like a complete overhaul or simply a few styled outfits.

You’re also asked how far out of your comfort zone you want to go.  You provide details such as your hair and eye colour, skin tone, height, body shape and can even upload a photo too for your stylist to see you.

Ultimately, your stylist will get back to you in a couple of days or so with some outfit selections which you can give feedback on, enabling them to ‘fine tune’ the options they send through next time.

This was the first outfit idea I received from my stylist, Laura, via email:

Having stated I’d like a smart casual look, fairly minimal in a muted palette (dead adventurous, I know!) I was pleased with the first selection and think the gold boots were a good wild card for me.

My default is probably to play it a bit safe, liking a fairly pared back wardrobe – my staples are things like grey jeans and jumpers with ankle boots and a tailored coat.  I prefer navy, black, grey and white to bright colours, apart from maybe the odd pop of red.  But I think I WOULD try these boots and wear them with black as shown in the inspiration image above.

I really like the idea behind this service and will continue to use it for outfit inspiration.  We all need a style shake up from time to time and I think it’s good to be pushed outside your comfort zone.

A few ideas I felt weren’t really me, but then taste is very individual.  However it has made me think about my style choices and even the things I gave feedback on as ‘not for me’ perhaps are worthy of a try on in the store.

One item I did go for following the recommendations was this biker jacket:

I do like a biker jacket but would probably have chosen black or the midnight navy option normally, so by going for the berry colour on this occasion I do feel like I’ve pushed my style boundaries just a little which is a good feeling!  Plus its a nice, warm colour for autumn.

M&S Faux leather jacket

I’m looking forward to receiving my next style selections!  What do you think of this service, have you heard of it and tried it already, or is it new to you and would you give it a go?  I’d love to hear.

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