How Do You Make Your Home As Uniquely Stylish As You Are?

When it comes to our personal style, we definitely know what we do and don’t like. From sleek and tailored uptown style to someone more into the athleisure trend, we go with what seems like a natural fit for our personalities, lifestyle and individual taste. What we wear is a unique form of communication with the world, and tells people how we want to be seen. The same idea should work in our homes, but sometimes it doesn’t feel that easy to translate our personal style into a decorating scheme.

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Making a chic, unique home takes a lot of effort and time and with busy lives, often we end up with a cookie-cutter, flat pack look which doesn’t reflect who we are. So if you’re ready to craft a space that is a cut above, here’s how you can decorate to show off who you are. 

Create A Focal Point 

When you have a few rooms all needing a makeover, it can be the hardest part knowing where to start. Here, you can apply the same logic to your home as you would to creating an outfit – just start with one thing. One statement piece that inspires you can be enough to pull a whole look together, and that can translate into your interior decor. Whether it’s a beautiful armchair in a vibrant pattern or a must have set of gold photo frames, finding the item of furniture which speaks to you can be a building block for the rest of your home. Use this item as the focal point of a room and choose the rest of the elements to complement it. Once you have a starting point, it’s much easier to get going. 

Add In Some Accessories

Need to add a bit of flair to a plain Jane room? It could be that you’ve simply forgotten to accessorise! Much like adding a statement jacket or a pair of killer heels to a simple jeans and tee combo, the right accessories can have a huge effect on your home. Add extra impact by creating a group of objects – it could be a wall full of framed family prints, a collection of heirloom vintage china or objects you’ve collected on your travels. Think of these items as the accessories you add to your home, and know that you can change them up to suit the seasons or just your mood, the same as you do with your outfits. 

Put In Some Contrast

Great outfits usually feature an element of contrast – think of a floral, feminine dress paired with a leather biker jacket, or a slouchy boyfriend tee with a fitted pencil skirt. You can achieve the same effect at home by contrasting textures and materials to achieve a rich, layered style. Pair patterned tiled floors with metallic accents and knitted or faux fur cushions. Weave in elegant geometric prints or rich velvets into your curtains and search for a beautiful lamp to set off that side table. 

Enjoy Your Journey 

Most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy yourself! Fashion – whether on our bodies or in our homes – is all about trying new things and having fun.

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