Clever Storage Solutions For Anti-Declutterers

In the last few years, decluttering has become an increasingly popular trend. With Marie Kondo’s KonMari method taking the world by storm, and people embracing minimalism and anti-consumerism more than they ever have before, it’s easy to see why we’re saying goodbye to many of our unloved belongings.

However, for some of us the idea of letting things go is, well, pretty painful. Do we really have to do this in order to achieve a minimalist look? The answer is a resounding ‘no’, and we’ve noted down some storage ideas here for those who want to hang onto their precious belongings for dear life…

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Put shelves around the top of your walls

Book lovers, listen up. If you have a book collection that needs a home and you’re struggling to find one for it, then why not put shelves around the tops of your walls, so that you can fit around 5 books (lying flat) on each section of shelving? This will give you a lot of floor space, whilst also adding a quirky look to your bedroom or living room. Of course, this isn’t just something that works well with books!

Think wisely about your bed

In any bedroom, the main feature is – of course – the bed. It takes up most of the space, so it’s a good idea to utilise this and purchase one with as many storage options as possible. Whether you use an IKEA bookcase to make a base for your bed, or you simply head out there and buy a bed that has a lot of built in storage room, it’s vital that you use this space as wisely as you possibly can.

Get a footstool with storage

Most of us have footstools in our living rooms, but they rarely boast storage space. However, there are plenty of them out there on the market, meaning that you get to have a beautiful staple in your living room, whilst also being able to hide away some of that stuff that you just don’t want to say goodbye to. And let’s be honest, that’s the goal here, right? Check out your options and find the ideal storage stool to get your belongings out of sight.

Go old school with a cork board

Remember cork boards? Sure, for some time we may have only used them to hang up posters and our revision cards for GCSEs, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t still come in handy. Whether you’re hanging up necklaces, nipple jewelry, earrings, or even your to do list for the week, there are plenty of reasons to get your hands on one of these as a storage fanatic. You can put it in your wardrobe or elsewhere if you’d prefer!

Buy some wall and ceiling hooks

The key to clever storage is making sure that you’re keeping things off the floor, and on the walls and ceilings instead (if you can’t hide them away in drawers, that is). Purchase some hooks for your walls and ceilings, and hang baskets from them – for plants, clothes, stationery and other items. You’ll soon see that you have a lot of stuff nestled away, whilst also having more space on the floor and in general!

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