How to choose the right ceiling lights for your home

Every room (or almost every room!) needs a ceiling light. Table or floor lamps and other ambient lighting are important too, but usually you will require a main light or lights in the ceiling.

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There is a massive choice when it comes to ceiling lights, down to the bulbs you use! But you can narrow things down by thinking about the style and purpose of the room as these aspects can help you decide on the sort of overhead light you are going to need.

Let’s take a look at some ceiling light ideas for a typical home:

Contemporary living room

In a modern living room, it’s really nice to create a focal feature with a stunning light fitting. The living room is the place to add ceiling lighting which stands out. Instead of a plain pendant and fabric shade, why not choose a fitting with several bulbs or a metallic finish. A contemporary chandelier makes a beautiful statement in a living room, too, and adds a touch of glamour and grandeur to the main room of the house.

There are some lovely designer ceiling lights at and it is always best to shop where customer satisfaction is a high priority. Not only that, with 30,000 lights and lamps of every description, there is definitely a perfect product for you! As well as indoor lighting, they have lots of stylish outdoor lights and products that will work with your smart home gadgets – it really is the one stop shop for all lighting needs and a great destination to buy ceiling lamps online.

Perhaps a crystal ceiling light will give your living room the elegance and illumination you desire?


ceiling lights


The typical family kitchen/dining space is the multi-functional hub of the home. Therefor you need ceiling lighting which is versatile as well as stylish. In here you may want something less fussy and more functional. LED lights are really excellent for giving you the overhead illumination you need when preparing food and cooking. Perhaps you should consider LED spotlights throughout the main ceiling space? Then think about adding more ambient lighting in certain zones, for example a low hanging pendant or two above the dining table, emitting a softer glow, and a more ambient lamp in the corner where you may have some comfy seating to relax in.


If you work from home in a home office or have a little study where the kids do their homework, it is good to have a desk lamp for any detailed work. But a bright overhead light is vital too to ensure you can see your computer and notepad clearly, avoiding eye strain, and to feel energised and focused. A light that emulates daylight is best in an office, especially if there is little or no natural daylight. This is where some smart home lighting can come in handy; or simply buy some smart light bulbs for a normal ceiling light, then you can alter the glow for relaxation or concentration.


The bedroom is the place to relax and recharge, so the main ceiling light shouldn’t be too harsh and bright. A dimmer switch is a simple idea to ensure you can adjust the lighting levels in your bedroom. Ideal for a child’s bedroom, too, where they may feel happier with a gentle level of light to fall asleep in, rather than the pitch dark.


Bathroom lighting is another type of lighting where you might want a brighter beam sometimes, or a low level relaxed light. LED ceiling spotlights can be handy over the shower and sink, whereas above the bath you may want something a little softer and diffused. Mirrors with LED lights give a good, clear and bright light ideal for carrying out personal grooming.

Hopefully this guide has given you some ideas for refreshing the main lighting in your home.

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