Why you should choose floor tiles for your home

If you’re looking to upgrade your flooring, have you considered using floor tiles? Perhaps one of the most versatile flooring options, tiles come in a range of materials and a huge choice of colours, patterns and designs. Not only that, if installed correctly they can last a lifetime!

Let’s look at what else makes contemporary and stylish floor tiles a good choice for your home:

Easy to Clean & Maintain

Floor tiles are strong, durable and generally stain resistant. An occasional damp mop is often all that is required to keep them looking sparkling, even in high traffic areas. Often made of ceramic or porcelain, spills and dirt tend to sit on the surface, so are easily cleaned. They are also naturally resistant to humidity, so good for homes where there are temperature changes and moisture. Even if a tile should crack, it doesn’t mean the entire floor needs replacing as individual tiles can usually be replaced.

Tiles for every Interior Style

As mentioned, floor tiles are very versatile and there is literally a style and design to suit every interior. Recently there has been a resurgence in the appeal of vintage and traditional designs. These can look very pretty in a bathroom, or to make a distinctive feature in a kitchen. The patterns and colours lend themselves well to a rustic interior, e.g. concrete worktops and scrubbed wood. But they also make an interesting and attractive contrast against ultra modern kitchen appliances and cabinets, giving an eclectic look and feel.

Large gloss floor tiles are a good choice for that high end feel and to add a bit of glamour. Popular colour choices include ivory and granite (grey). If you prefer a less ‘polished’ look how about considering a concrete or wood effect tile? The authenticity of these tiles is amazing and will make you do a double take! All the convenience and durability of a porcelain floor tile, with the look of homely, cosy wood or cool, industrial concrete.

Replace Grigio Porcelain Wall/Floor Tiles

Make an Attractive Feature

Resilient and low maintenance, tiles are perfect for halls, bathrooms, kitchens, utility rooms. But they can be very effective in living/dining spaces too. Many tiles are suitable for both floors and walls.

Marais Porcelain Wall/Floor Tiles

So you could think about tiling smaller areas to make a focal statement, such as reinventing an old fireplace and hearth, or creating a feature wall with tiles. Sometimes it’s the smallest tiled areas that make the biggest impact! Think of a stunning hexagon tiled floor in a downstairs loo or compact shower room. If you feel adventurous, you may like a half tiled/half wood floor. I also think tiles make a nice feature when used to clad a kitchen island or breakfast bar, giving quite a quirky and unique look.  You can find lots of inspiration on Instagram; I really like Emma’s tiled chimney breast (@livedin365) and Olivia’s entrance hall (@lustliving)

They are Anti-allergy

Another benefit of floor tiles is that they don’t harbour bacteria, mould, animal hair, dust, pollen etc. as much as carpets, so they are a really good option for those with asthma or allergies. If you have hairy pets that shed a lot, its easy to sweep and mop a tiled floor quickly to keep on top of the fluff. And if you opt for furniture with legs and feet, you can get right under to clean and keep on top of any accumulation of nasties.

Nolita Black Porcelain Wall/Floor Tiles

So as you can see, there are many positives when it comes to installing floor tiles in your home. You might think they sound great for summer, but would be cold underfoot in winter – however, not if you team them with some underfloor heating, in which case walking on tiles barefoot is really nice and comfortable.

An attractive and properly installed tiled floor can even add value to your property and if you choose well they will stay looking beautiful for years!

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