How to create a warm & inviting rustic design for your living room

Many of us prefer a cosy and warm home, because it is something that makes us feel relaxed and cocooned from the outside world. Every room in your house should be welcoming. Take the living room, for example; this room in particular needs to create the right sort of atmosphere for you and your loved ones. Perhaps it needs a little sprucing up, but that’s ok. Just a few interior design tricks can transform and refresh the space. Why not add a touch of style by replacing internal doors with new designs from Online Door Store – this can be a great way to start your update, while exploring other options to update your home.

rustic interior
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If you’d like to give your room a particular look, but don’t know which direction to go, the rustic look can be a really good option. Some other interior styles can be difficult to achieve and maintain. A minimalistic room, for example, requires good tidying skills! Glossy, modern looks are quite high maintenance in terms of cleaning. Whereas the rustic look is not only cosy and inviting, but a bit more relaxed so you don’t have to be too precise. Why not check out the ideas below for more inspiration:

1. Introduce flowers & foliage

rustic room ideas
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The rustic room should embrace nature and natural elements. Why not add shelves to an empty wall and arrange with plants. This can give a big impact without too much effort. Dried flowers or fresh look pretty and natural when placed in vases, as do tall branches with berries on which you can gather on a morning walk and give your room a fresh, woodland feel, adding charm and fragrance as well.

2. Think about wallpaper or wall art

If you have a house where people love art then let visitors know it through your walls. Some of us have favourite quotes which could be framed for the walls. It can be good for us to read these quotes daily and also typography looks good as a wall accessory, giving an aesthetic feel to your home. Maybe you would prefer to add a cosy wallpaper design to one of your walls in place of art work. The chimney breast or alcoves can be a good place to add your feature wallpaper.

3. Consider seating arrangements

If your sofa is facing the TV or resting in the middle of the room, you can anchor it with a coffee table. A key element of the rustic interior style is wood, therefore a wooden coffee table or even a wooden chest is the perfect accessory for your rustic room. It is practical, too, giving you somewhere to place and store items while you watch TV or read a magazine. For an extra cosy element, place your coffee table on top of a traditional rug to add warmth underfoot and give your room a beautiful focal point.

rustic coffee table
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I hope this post shows that redesigning your room is not a tedious task, but an opportunity to get creative and reinvent your space simply. We’re sure you’ll end up enjoying spending time there!

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