Why Patio Doors Are A Timeless Investment For Your Home

Patio doors are an eye-catching feature for many people who are looking for the perfect property and have many great features that will enhance your home. With French, bi-folding, single and sliding patio doors available, the addition of your bespoke design is a cost-effective renovation while being durable and long wearing – a feature which means they are still so popular today. Here are just a few of the other reasons why patio doors are a great investment to any home.

benefits of patio doors

A brighter home with increased natural light

The main purpose of patio doors is to allow residents to enter and exit their home with ease, however these doors also act as large windows. With floor to ceiling panes of glass in many options of patio door styles, these doors allow floods of natural light into the home, which decreases the need for artificial lighting, meaning no more dull and dark rooms.

Natural sunlight has many health benefits in addition to allowing the daylight in, including a proven benefit to overall mood. It also allows more vitamin D to access the skin, helping the mind and body, as well as allowing for a better night’s sleep. This essential vitamin is also fantastic for aiding bone growth, as well as even helping to lower the risk of illnesses such as heart disease.

Great security

Even though these doors are mainly made of glass panes, patio doors are indeed very secure. They are equipped with a number of different security locks, with windows and doors from Quickslide offering several security options. Their patio doors come with toughened glass as standard, making it virtually shatter-proof while being assured by multi-point lock mechanisms on the main opening panels. If desired, there is also the choice of PAS 24 security upgrade package for total peace of mind.

A great view

Many patio doors can be made to each individual specification and design, with several different styles, materials, and colours available to ensure that all aspects perfectly compliment your interior design and overall theme. In addition, patio doors are minimal and slimline making them great for an unobstructed view of the garden and outdoor scenery.

Not only are patio doors capable of being personalised to your home, but they also enhance your view of the outdoors, again, making a more visually appealing property, promoting peace and calm. They are great for opening to the outdoors to watch the sunset or stay cosy indoors watching the rain fall.

Increases property value

Patio doors are an excellent feature to grab the attention of potential buyers should you be looking to sell or increase the curb-appeal of your home. They are a great talking point for visitors and potential buyers, with a well-kept garden leading from the patio doors instantly enhancing the desire to socialise and entertain throughout the home.

Patio doors may reduce energy costs

Natural light will decrease the need for artificial lighting in the home, which in turn will mean less money is spent on electricity to fuel lighting. In addition to natural light, the glass panes also allow the sun’s heat to enter the home which can help to retain heat in the home. Patio doors are also the easy option to allow a fresh breeze through the home by opening the doors fully. Even during the winter, the sun’s warmth is ideal for helping to heat your home naturally, free of cost, even if you do still need to use a little bit of central heating!

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