How To Create & Style Dual-Purpose Rooms With Modular Furniture

For a lot of us nowadays, we aren’t just living at home. We’re working there too, amongst countless other things. Although working from home does have some great benefits and caters to the personal preferences of many of us, it can sometimes be a little problematic as we need more space than ever before. But there’s a solution!  

You can create dual-purpose and multi-functional rooms, and it’s a lot easier than you think. One way you can do this is with innovative use of furniture and features – because space is always at a premium, which means more and more we each have to come up with solutions to combat this. But it can be done in a sleek and stylish way, and that’s where modular furniture can really help. With its adaptable nature, you can make any room into a versatile, flexible space with a bit of careful planning and creative thinking.  

Know what you’re designing around… 

This is the first step to making the most of your space. Figure out what you want to achieve with your room and who is going to be using it. When planning a new room, it’s often best to start with a bit of a declutter – take stock of everything that you have and see if it all works for the function of the room you’re trying to create. 

For example, you could start doing this by simply listing and organising all your items and possessions and putting them into separate piles for things you are going to use and things that you aren’t. For instance, your home office may have to be in your bedroom, or your kitchen may also be your diner. You could opt for the minimal approach and ensure that each room has only the items it needs. This can be an important step, giving you a fresh canvas that enables you to set up your space properly from the outset. Once organisation is out of the way, it’s time to get creative… 

How to make a multi-functional room  

It may sound obvious, but utilising furniture that can fold away, or better yet, furniture that has a dual function like an ottoman bed for your bedroom, can take away the need for additional space-hogging and non-adaptable things. This ties in with the organisational element of your room and space planning, allowing you to free up more space and eliminate clutter. 

Making a room multifunctional is based on intent. Figure out how the room is going to be used and divide the space according to the biggest factor. Like a guest room combined with an office – if it’s used mostly as an office space, then you want to invest in furnishings and features that are going to reflect that. 

Make the most of your space with modular furniture  

Maybe one of the most useful solutions when it comes to creating a dual-purpose room is the use of modular furniture. Not only do they offer unrivalled adaptability in any room within your home, but they also let you build a multi-functional space that doesn’t compromise on style… 

Take the innovative Feature Shelving designs by Shelved for instance. These unique furniture and storage configurations are built with flexibility and style in mind, giving you an adaptable furniture system that frankly looks fantastic in any space regardless of your décor choices. The Feature Shelving options take a contemporary approach to styling, making use of asymmetrical layouts, distinctive geometrical silhouettes, and an intelligent modular system that lets you create that sleek, dual-purpose space you crave in an instant. 

These clever configurations can work as regular side-positioned storage in your room, but flip them around 90-degrees and you’ve got yourself an undeniably attractive room divider that can turn a room into two separate spaces. This could give you that handy room split that provides two distinctive spaces that could be used as an office and relaxation space in a single room for example, each with a little more privacy and separation. Particularly if you’re working from home on a regular basis, you’ll likely find that that added separation from your workspace and your living space is a very welcome feature at the end of the day… 

How modular furniture gives you the freedom to change 

Dual-purpose spaces aren’t always a convenient long-term solution. Your life may change, and your needs will evolve along with it. The very nature of modular furniture means your furniture and your spaces can be adapted to all of those changes. Whether your family grows, or you move house entirely – with a modular design, your furniture can be altered and adjusted without having to worry about commitments. You can even get your furniture to work with slanted ceilings and walls using a stepped configuration, which can work wonders in an attic room. 

The nature of modular design also means it is possible to adapt the nature of the furniture to fit the different purposes of your space. You’re able to utilise desk modules for a distinctive home office setup for example, whilst still embracing the vast storage and dividing capabilities of a larger shelving system, giving you even more flexibility. This can turn your shelving in to a workspace with a few simple changes to your set up. Are you needing more storage space? Simply add some modular cabinets to any of your modular furniture for a seamless solution, adding further functionality to your living spaces.  

Modular furniture is the best way to get more use out of a room as it can adapt to any shape you need it to be. But there are other things you can do as well, like using sofa beds for creating adaptable guest sleeping spaces in different rooms which offer a quick space-saving and adaptable solution. 

How to make a small space multifunctional  

Just because you’re short on space doesn’t mean you can’t make a multifunctional room. You can use something as simple as a coffee table to add extra storage to a space, or with a bit more planning you can use the vertical space in your room. You could even dedicate one wall purely to storage and use another corner of your room to add bookshelves and a hanging chair to make a cosy reading nook. Plus, modular furniture and all of its benefits that we mentioned previously, is an exceptional way to convert a small space into a dual-purpose area whilst maximising storage and separation. 

Find space in your corners 

Use the corners of your rooms! Corners are normally an overlooked space, but they can be used to add multi-functionality to any room. Corners are ideal spaces to add ‘L’ shaped desks which can transform an unused corner into a small study, or you can use an ‘L’ shaped/corner sofa to make the most of your seating options. 

This is also a great space to add some modular furniture. This way, you can make the most out of even the most awkward of spaces in a cool, stylish manner.  Don’t disregard your corner spaces, they’re a great opportunity to get more functionality out of a room. 

Whatever the size of your home, there are going to be opportunities to make the most of your space, with a bit of careful planning you can use these tips to help make the space in your home work a little better for you. Modular furniture is a perfect way to get more functionality out of a room without having to give up on style – all it takes is a bit of planning. And even if you change your mind later, you can quickly rearrange and reconfigure your modular furniture whenever inspiration hits you. 

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