How to Decorate a Rented Flat


When it comes to renting a new flat, you want to make it feel as homely as possible – but many landlords don’t allow you to make any permanent changes to the property.  

So, what’s the best way to get around this?

In this article, we share a few tips and tricks on how to decorate a rented flat, so you can put your own stamp on your new abode.  

Check your contract 

First thing’s first, be sure to check your contract to see what is and isn’t allowed. Contracts will usually outline specifics – such as not to screw any fixtures into walls.  It’s a common issue that you may wish to hang photos, artwork, or mirrors but aren’t allowed to put holes into the plasterboard. A great top tip to get around this is to use wall hanging strips. These act like super-strong Velcro tabs which can hold the weight of photo frames with ease. If there are any other changes you’d like to make, such as repainting an area, speak to your landlord or letting agency to seek permission first.

Revamp tiles 

Bored of staring at the same old tiles? Give your room a makeover with some tile stickers. Available in countless colours and designs, these are a quick fix to revamping any room within your home. What’s more, because it’s just peel-off vinyl, this is an incredibly affordable way to cover lots of surface area for less. Ideal in kitchens and bathrooms, check online to find the perfect design for your flat.

Invest in some key furniture pieces  

Even if your flat comes partially furnished, it’s always nice to have a couple of key pieces to make it your own. This could be an elegant floor lamp to create mood lighting or a large free-standing mirror to make your bedroom appear more spacious. If you’re working to a budget, there are tonnes of statement pieces available at local charity shops, auction houses, and even on Facebook marketplace! 

Hide ugly flooring  

There’s nothing worse than old splintery floorboards that are aged and faded. One easy solution to covering this up is by investing in a large floor rug. Rugs can be a great way to add depth and texture to your living space – while simultaneously making your lounge feel nice and cosy!

Select an aesthetic  

Whatever your preferred taste may be in interior design, having a cohesive colour scheme makes any room feel well put together. Whether you like bold and bright 70s-style prints, spring pastel hues, or a serene Scandi aesthetic with neutral, beachy tones – be sure to choose a theme and stick to it throughout your living space.  

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