How To Dress Better While Staying True To Yourself

“Dress for success” is a phrase we’ve all heard. Old-school wisdom said that dressing in a smart, sharp, and formal way at work would get people’s attention. The thinking was that a well-dressed person seemed more professional, knowledgeable, and responsible.

There are advantages to dressing the part. In fact, new studies show that what you wear can affect your ability to focus and do well. But in the modern workplace, it doesn’t matter much what your clothes say about you or even if they help you perform a little bit. Instead, success comes from how your clothes make you feel at work.

 Not only at work are there benefits to dressing well. Who couldn’t use a little more confidence at home, with friends, or on a date? That’s why it’s important to dress better, but it’s crucial to do so while still being true to yourself. Read on to find out how.  

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 Do A Wardrobe Audit 

Spend an hour or so going through your clothes to see what you have – the results might surprise you. The truth is, everyone has some clothes that don’t fit anymore or that they never, ever wear.

 Put things in a bag that you can’t or won’t wear. Find the closest place that accepts clothing donations and give your old clothes to people who need them. If you find clothes that you would wear but that need to be dry cleaned, tailored, or given some other kind of TLC, set them aside.

 Now that you’ve decided which clothes you like, think about why you like them. Think about things like colour, fabric, and fit when it comes to style. When you buy something in the future, keep these things in mind. 

What’s Missing?

At this point, you know a lot about your whole wardrobe. Figure out what’s missing. Do you have a lot of tops but not enough bottoms? Could a nice-fitting blazer pull together a few different outfits? For your dressier clothes, do you need a new belt or shoes that aren’t trainers? Make a short list of things to buy. 

Buy New Things 

You don’t have to replace your entire wardrobe at once. Make a plan to buy one or two new pieces before attempting an entirely new look. If you have a plan like this, you’ll be able to stick to your budget and resist buying unnecessary items just because they’re on sale. 

If a trusted friend is available, ask them to accompany you shopping. Not only will their company make the experience more enjoyable, but they can also provide honest feedback on the various clothes you try on. Or why not have some fun shopping online at sites like There is often a lot more choice, and you can still do it with a friend if you want to. Why not make it an event with drinks and snacks?  

Always Be You 

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Your social life, career prospects, and confidence can all be affected by how you present yourself to the world. At the end of the day, however, dressing is an opportunity to express yourself. Be true to your personal tastes. Don’t place too much pressure on yourself to embrace the look you believe you should prefer. Simply have fun with it and wear whatever makes you feel like a better version of yourself. Dress for success on the inside.

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