10 Tools & Equipment You Need for Your Modern Kitchen

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If you have recently upgraded and modernised your kitchen, you are probably thinking of how to stock it with more contemporary tools and equipment to complete the look. Not only will these appliances help improve the look of your new kitchen, but they will also make cooking much easier and more convenient. Statistics show that the average homeowner spends about £284 on kitchenware. 

Here are some of the best kitchen tools and appliances that you need to complete your modern kitchen’s look and feel.

  • Knives

One of the most important tools in the kitchen is the knife. Completing your recipes might be nearly impossible without it, as you will need it to cut and peel any ingredients. To ensure that you enjoy using your knives, they must be sharp. Sharp knives do not require too much energy when in use.

If you are not too familiar with the type of knives you need for the kitchen or are now brushing up on your cooking skills, there are some standard knives to help you build your collection. Paring knives, for example, are used mostly for peeling and mincing ingredients. As its name denotes, vegetable knives are used to cut vegetables and are designed to help you cut your vegetables much faster. Another knife worth knowing is the traditional chef’s knife, which is probably the most important in your collection. Thanks to its bigger blade, it is easier to slice through just about any ingredient in the kitchen. 

Fortunately, there are tons of quality knife brands available on the market. If you’re unsure where to start or which brands to consider, look for knives made with stainless steel and better grip. 

  • Cookware

You can change your cookware to give your kitchen a more modern look. Why not use this time as an opportunity to purchase some professional cookware, whether you are a cooking pro or you barely spend a lot of time in the kitchen? Cooking with professional utensils makes the entire experience more enjoyable and gives your kitchen a more aesthetically-pleasing look.

You must use the best and top-quality cookware in your kitchen for several reasons. Firstly, these cookware sets are more versatile, so you would not need to purchase individual pieces for cooking different meals. They are also more durable and can last you over five years, so you will most likely receive value for your money. Plus, most professional cookware sets are stylish and can easily fit into your modern kitchen design. 

It is time to throw out your old pots and pans and invest in some quality cookware. Not only would your cooking experience improve, but it would also add to the modern flair of your kitchen. 

  • Food processor

Cooking can sometimes get tedious, especially when you are faced with a mountain of ingredients that need to be chopped up, blended, or minced. It can be a waste of time, as there are probably other super important activities and tasks you need to do. Thankfully, that is where having a food processor comes in handy.

Apart from helping you cook more quickly, a good food processor is versatile and can be used to slice, purée, or grind several food ingredients, especially fruit and vegetables. It is especially useful when you have a large family and need to cook for multiple people regularly. Additionally, it makes trying out new recipes fun and can inspire you to get creative with the dishes you repair regularly. 

  • Storage containers

One of the biggest problems most homeowners face is storing food to ensure it always remains fresh. That is where airtight containers come in. With these tools, you can keep your foods fresh for longer. They also prevent your food from going rancid, ensuring that it does not develop an unpleasant odour over time. Additionally, they protect your food from microorganisms. For example, storing bread in an airtight storage container can prevent it from going stale and fungi from growing on it.

There are various storage containers for homeowners to choose from on the market. Plastic containers are probably the most popular and affordable option. They are designed to withstand pressure, so they are more durable. Glass is another common material used for storage containers and stainless steel. 

Storage containers are excellent options for your kitchen, as they prevent food wastage and also discourage clutter buildup in your kitchen. 

  • Blender

If you are looking for a more convenient and faster way of cooking, you will need a blender. This versatile and powerful appliance can grind and purée fruits and vegetables. You can even prepare delicious smoothies with a blender.

If you are looking for a high-performing blender, there are a few things you must look out for, including its power and capacity. You must also consider its ease of use and its type of blades. A good blender should be easy to clean after using it. 

To make your time in the kitchen more worthwhile, you must invest in a good blender and ensure that it is well taken care of. 

  • Electric hand mixer

If you enjoy baking, an electric hand mixer is one essential tool you will need to make your baking experience more pleasurable. You can use your hand mixer for whipping, mixing, and kneading. It is a great way to achieve perfect consistency while banking.

Apart from baking, you can also use it to transform your meals. For example, if you enjoy eating chicken salad, you no longer have to manually chop up your chicken. Your hand mixer can easily shred it into smaller pieces. You can also use it to mash potatoes and prepare various salad dressings. 

Electric hand mixers are perfect for light-duty tasks and are more affordable than stand mixers. Even if you are not a wiz in the kitchen, it can help simplify your cooking time.

  • Coffee machine

Do you enjoy having a daily refreshing cup of coffee? Then a coffee machine is something you need in your kitchen. It is also a great way to explore different good quality coffee beverages.

There are several coffee makers, from espresso to bean to cup coffee machines. There are tons of benefits to investing in a quality coffee maker. It can save you a lot of money since you would not have to spend money each day on expensive beverages. Another amazing benefit is that you can create the perfect coffee blend based on your preferences so that you can enjoy your daily cup. Plus, it allows you to try out new recipes. 

  • Air fryer

Air fryers have become one of the most popular kitchen appliances. Most people are turning to this appliance because it promotes healthier cooking, especially because it uses less oil than deep fryers. That way, you can still enjoy fried food without worrying about consuming too much oil.

Air fryers are also safe and fairly easy to use. You can cook almost anything with your air fryer, from steak and fries to pork chops. If you are considering getting an air fryer, you should do so. Not only would your meals be healthier, but it is also more convenient and easier to prepare meals. 

  • Measuring cups

Measuring cups can come in handy if you enjoy spending time in the kitchen and are constantly looking for ways to perfect your cooking. These tools help you to accurately measure your ingredients while cooking to ensure that your meals are delicious and correctly balanced.

There are two main types of measuring cups; one for dry ingredients and the other for wet ingredients. When purchasing measuring cups look out for important features such as whether your cups are stackable, versatile, and provide accurate measurements. You must also consider the materials used to make measuring cups. Stainless steel or plastic are excellent options for both kinds of measuring cups. 

  • Slow cooker

Many people do not put slow cookers and modern kitchens together. However, this appliance is more useful now than ever, especially when saving time. The slow cooker is an excellent and versatile appliance to have in your home. It is very easy to use, as all you will need to do is put all ingredients together and leave it to cook for a specific number of hours. It is the perfect option if you are not the best cook out there.

The best reason you should get one is that you can use it to prepare almost every meal, from pot roasts to casserole dishes. Additionally, it saves you a lot of cooking time. The only time you will need is to get your ingredients ready. 

It is also a great way to cook for a large group of people, making it more economically efficient in your pocket. Plus, you will be left with lots of leftovers that you can eat over time. 

Are you ready to stock your kitchen with the best appliances? Of course, you do not need to buy all this equipment at once. Instead, select the ones you need that fit your budget and preferences. Soon, you will enjoy spending more time in your fully-upgraded kitchen. 

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