Upgrades to Make to Your Bathroom

The bathroom is the most personal and private area of the house and is something both you and your guests will actively use. Having a bright, clean, and modern bathroom is a top priority for most homeowners and it’s important to make it a place you enjoy spending time in.   

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So no matter whether you are looking for a minor upgrade, or a full-on renovation, this guide can help you figure out what possible changes you could make to spruce up your bathroom. 

Invest in a Heated Towel Rail 

Heated towel rails were once a niche item in the radiator world but now they are arguably an essential part of any bathroom and even kitchen. Despite their streamlined design, heated towel rails are equally if not better than most convector radiators and will get your room to its desired temperature in little to no time.  

Not only are they efficient, but they are one of the key features in a bathroom aesthetic, for this reason, we recommend that you consider investing in a good quality heated towel rail, providing you with that top-notch efficiency and design aesthetic.  

A reputable brand to find the best heated towel rails are Trade Radiators, the UK’s leading supplier for designer radiators, towel rails, and valves.  

Upgrade the Lighting 

An area that might often go undermined is lighting, however, giving your bathroom good quality lighting is a massive way of lifting up the overall mood in the room. Obviously, each bathroom is different, so results may vary and some suggestions may not work for everyone. If your bathroom consists of naked overhead light, or above the mirror, consider putting a dimmer on. This will dampen the light a little allowing for a better viewing experience in the bathroom with less harsh lighting and glare. 

For a more substantial upgrade, consider replacing your bulbs with LEDs. These are designed to be bright, but not glaring, ideal for applying products in the morning or evening. Assuming you make use of a makeup mirror, the optimal setup for this style of mirror is to have wall lights on each side of the mirror to avoid any unflattering shadows projecting on your face. 

Invest in High-Quality Materials 

When renovating your bathroom, it’s important to choose materials that are of top quality. If it is within your budget, investing in long-lasting materials that will hold their look for years to come is the best course of action. Tiling is the most common feature within bathrooms across the UK because it is durable, moisture resistant, and easy enough to clean.  

When it comes to countertops, you will most likely have to choose from natural stone, ceramic, porcelain, or laminate. If it is within your budget, it is recommended that you invest in natural materials as they tend to have better durability and longevity.  

Similarly for the flooring, it is recommended that you invest in something that will last long term.

Splash the Cash on a Shower 

Installing the shower can be the most expensive part of a full bathroom renovation however it is often described as the best area to spend the majority of your budget. Whilst shower bath combos were popular for many years it is now widely more popular to avoid this unless you struggle for space. A lot of places are actually opting for a master bathroom without a bath in it. 

A sizable walk-in shower gives off a high end feel to any bathroom with glass walls rather than the traditional shower curtain or swing door. The shower is slowly becoming the most desirable feature of any master bathroom.  

Give Yourself Plenty of Storage Space 

One of the best and most practical upgrades you can make to your bathroom is to add storage space. It’s a common mistake when people renovate their bathroom that they leave themselves little to no room to store product bottles and utensils.  

Avoiding the common cluttered countertop can avoid a lot of unnecessary stress and problems. A good solution for storage is shallow drawers with dividers that easily cut off the different sections of the drawer.  

A medicine cabinet is a storage option that has slowly seen itself going out of trend, but still actually provides a valuable purpose. If you struggle for space, there are plenty of two in one medicine cabinets that double as a makeup mirror too. 

Simply, nailing up a towel rack to the back of the door is a simple DIY solution to hang up any stray towel that finds itself laying all over the bathroom floor. 

To Conclude 

When considering upgrading your new bathroom, you may be tempted to give into trendy social media posts showcasing unique tiling or contrasting choices of colour. Instead, it is  important to consider what best reflects your style. Do not let these options sway you as it’s a common issue that trendy pictures found online can go out of style very quickly.  

Where possible, it’s always best to go for good quality products and materials when upgrading or renovating your bathroom, so take this advice into consideration and it will help new ideas of your own to flow.  You can find a wide variety of inspiring bath/bathroom products on ArchiPro by clicking here.

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