How to Have a Dream Kitchen Even in a Small Space

If blogging about home interiors has taught me anything over the past few years, it’s that the 100% perfect home doesn’t exist. You might be lucky enough to get close, but there’s usually something you have to be prepared to compromise on. It may be a North-facing garden, or perhaps you’ve always set your heart on a dream kitchen, but feel the space is lacking for you to get that real wow factor?

If a tiny kitchen is your issue, don’t despair as there are ways to ensure even the smallest kitchens have a big impact. Here’s how:

Use a Kitchen Designer

When challenged by a small space it makes sense to use a kitchen designer. A professional kitchen company will have the expertise to help you make the most of your space with a cohesive layout, clever space-saving storage ideas and recommended ranges, such as Masterclass Kitchens, to give you that dream kitchen you desire. They can bring the design to life in front of your eyes using computer design packages, which really aids visualisation so you can truly imagine the finished look and layout.

Use High End Finishes

Dream Kitchens always look effortlessly sophisticated. Often it comes down to the materials used. The advantage of having a small space is that it makes luxury finishes more affordable e.g. if you’ve set your heart on an exclusive marble worktop, you won’t need as much as in a larger kitchen. This may mean there is extra budget available for those lovely luxurious such as a fancy coffee machine which will give your new kitchen an air of exclusivity.

Statement Features

Any Dream Kitchen worth its salt will have a few standout features up its sleeve. A stunning bespoke light fitting for example or perhaps a unique splashback. There are some gorgeous taps and sinks these days, too, in black, brass or copper finishes, so look for something that stands out from the crowd. Or how about this idea for a gorgeous pop of pink? I love the way it contrasts so strikingly against the darker cupboards. Any size kitchen could incorporate a feature like this.

Unique Ceiling, Floors or Windows

Don’t let a small kitchen limit your vision. It may be more than possible to build the wow factor in with a fabulous vaulted ceiling or glass lantern roof. These crittall style doors look great, too – or maybe you could work a unique narrow floor to ceiling window into the scheme. Another option is to have a fabulous floor – a wide oak herringbone plank can provide great impact even in a small space, as can a designer tile in a beautiful, bold colour or pattern.

Multi-Functional Features

Don’t rule out a dreamy island or cool breakfast bar in your kitchen; you may be able to work it into the design – after all they double up as worktop space, with storage below as well as being a place to eat, so you can dispense with a dining table and save yourself extra space.  If you buy a bespoke island or build your own, you can make it to your own size and specification so it fits perfectly.

There really are no hard and fast rules when it comes to small space kitchen design. A bit of creativity can lead to a whole lot of ‘wow’ so be bold and don’t think you have to stick to a minimal look; just bear in mind that uninterrupted worktops and handle-less cupboards can help with the flow, as can unfussy window dressings.

Ultimately its getting the balance right between functionality, design and finishing touches that will set your kitchen apart – not the size of the space.

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