How to Host an amazing Dinner Party

You can make an occasion at your house meaningful and memorable, all you need is a little planning and a proactive approach. To spruce up your gatherings, let’s take a look at a few steps you can put into place that would make you a calm and confident host.

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Decide on the Purpose of Your Event

A clear intention for an event or party will make your gathering stand out from the onset. For example, if you decide to host a Murder Mystery Game at your stylishly decorated home, you already communicate why you are having a dinner party. It prepares your guests to align their expectations with your theme, clearing up any confusion. This frees you up to give most of your attention to preparing the space for that night.

Work Strategically with available Space

You know the flow of your house the best. Imagine how you would like the people to arrange themselves when they arrive, whilst they catch up on events in each other’s lives and how they would meander to the dinner table when the mouth-watering meals are being served. Once you are comfortable with how you want to utilize the space up to that point in the proceedings, visualise the main event unfolding.

Your Narrative is in your Layout

Tell a story with your furniture. Remember that your guests are intrigued by the theme of your party. They are part of the story in fact, which gives you the opportunity to guide them through the spaces you create. Perhaps an area with sofas where friends can quickly catch up while everyone is making their way to the living area. People are comfortable when the host is comfortable. Let them be themselves in anticipation of the game they are about to play.

Set the Tone in the first few Minutes

People remember the introduction to new things better than the execution. The Murder Mystery Game allows you to set a mood of suspense, excitement, secrecy, and uncertainty. Be brief when explaining the rules of the game, explain that everyone is a suspect. Everyone loves a whodunnit and there would certainly be a Sherlock Holmes type of persona in the group.

Housekeeping is a management tool

Inform your guests of the house rules. Let them know what is acceptable and what not, this gives everyone clear boundaries to keep themselves in check. As the host you will be facilitating the night which means you are almost like the conductor of an orchestra. The game allows your guests to play their proverbial instruments, but always as part of the group. To lay down the law at the start clears the way for you to let the game begin.

Be decisive at the end of the night

Everyone knows how difficult it is to get the last guests to leave at the end of the night. Everyone had a great experience and really enjoyed the party but there’s always one or stragglers nursing their last drink. The best way to handle the situation is to be friendly, fair, and firm. Walk them to the front door, agree that you had a wonderful evening, say goodbye in a polite tone and close the door.

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