tidy garden

How to Make Your Garden Look Tidier

If you’re passionate about all things planting, landscaping and cultivation, then your garden will no doubt be your pride and joy. Even so, the demands of life mean you might not get to devote as much time as you’d like to your treasured plot of land and, in an ideal world, you would prefer things a little neater.

tidy garden

With the grass growing quickly and pesky weeds finding new places to pop up, it can be harder than you think to keep on top of things, but there are a few shortcuts to keeping your terrace in tip-top shape.

Tasteful Storage

A cluttered lawn is not a healthy-looking lawn, and clearing up that clutter is a quick fix for making things appear a whole lot tidier. You might be in a situation where you simply don’t have a place for it all, in which case you should think about adding a tasteful storage solution in your garden.

A small shed for tools, a store for your bike or a greenhouse for the plants; there are plenty of options to pick from.

A well-chosen cache will not only solve your storage issues but enhance the overall look of your garden as well.

Smarten Things Up with Pots

Adding a series of pots to the garden is not only a way to neaten up your plants, but also an opportunity to add a splash of colour or some new décor to the garden. There’s a pot out there to suit any tastes, from traditional clay planters through to clean minimal designs.

If you wish, you can also liven up old pots by upcycling them, which is not only resourceful and budget-friendly but a great way to freshen up tired looking items.

Lay Artificial Grass

Especially in the summer, the grass on your lawn will be shooting up like there’s no tomorrow, requiring regular mowing to keep it in check. Mowing the lawn, as far as garden tasks go, tends to be of the more arduous jobs out there, so why not swap the real thing for a quality artificial alternative?

Faux grass offers the easiest route to a great looking garden all year round. No cutting required, no churning up in the wet, no mossy patches and no dead grass in the summer. The range of choice these days means you’ll be able to find a high-quality, realistic option which will remove a significant chunk of your gardening worries.

Little & Often

While investing more money into your garden maintenance can go a long way, making the best use of your time in the garden can make a huge difference as well.

If you’re someone who tends to the garden once every other weekend, it can be quite hard to bring yourself to do everything that needs to be done in one go. Instead, spending a little time out there every day or two is a great way to breakdown the tasks that need doing into bitesize chunks.

As well as having a more manageable schedule, regular time in the garden can provide some great mental benefits, as you get to relieve the stresses of the day in one of your favourite places.

With retailers like Coopers of Stortford offering great value gardening solutions, sorting things out might be easier than you think. By investing your time and money wisely, you can get the most from your garden without breaking the bank or taking over your life.

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