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How Nordic design can change your home

It’s no secret the Scandinavians know their stuff when it comes to interior design. From a touch of the rustic to clean, contemporary storage, you can create a feeling of cosiness and warmth with the knowledge that it’s not so easy to make a mess. Perfect for families with kids (that pretend to not know where the shoes belong), or ideal if you’re into a sophisticated style and in need of a calm sanctuary to come home to after work, Nordic design can work for everyone no matter how many people live in your home.

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From shared ownership in Newham, to rented apartments in Manchester to big family homes in Kent, all our living circumstances are different but the way we feel about our homes shouldn’t be. So, give your abode a new lease of life and infuse a bit of Scandinavian design into your interior.

Stylish Storage

Something the Scandinavians do effortlessly is tidiness and it’s all down to their smart storage which doesn’t just help you stay organised, but gives your home a chic look too. Functionality is key when it comes to Nordic design and whether it’s sleek display cabinets, layered wooden boxes or a clever coat rack, minimising clutter and making best use of your space is key when it comes to a calming interior. Knowing everything has a place is not only visually relaxing but helps you feel more organised throughout the day, reducing stress. So, show off your storage and keep lines sleek and defined to utilise your space in the most elegantly efficient way possible.

Plants and Greenery

A distinct accessory of Scandinavian design is bringing the outside in. Simple leafy greens add a touch of vitality to your home while helping clear the air and as a result, your mind too. Plants are proven to reduce stress and often used in big business hubs or airports to help create a sense of ease. Our Nordic neighbours are certainly not ones to shy away from this trend either, with centre pieces of fresh botanicals and hanging ivy, a key feature of IKEA style kitchens. Plants will go with just about any design so spruce up your space and decorate with some heavenly horticulture to help ease your busy mind.

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Photo by Elle Hughes from Pexels

Calming Colours

A key feature of Scandinavian interiors is their minimalist approach to the appearance of a room and the clean and sleek lines that draw the eye to a focal point. This is created through light flooring, a gentle contrast on the walls and exaggeration of a light source. Choose light or sheer curtains to brighten up a room; this will also allow you to wake up in as more natural way and improve your sleeping pattern. By experimenting with light grey and soft blues on the walls you can create a calming and illuminated room that coincides with daylight, helping you feel awake in the mornings and restful as it goes dark.

Lavish Lighting

While colours may be minimal when it comes to Nordic design, lighting certainly is not. Lighting truly instills ambience and mood into a room so choose low golden lights that create a soft glow. Whether you go for a fanned-out paper style lamp shade over the kitchen table, an assortment of rustic hanging bulbs on either side of the sofa or a simple silver standing lamp in the corner of the room, create a cosy glow and snuggle up on your minimalist couch.

Whether you’re a first time buyer in London with not a huge amount of cash to spare, a home owner in Warrick with an abundance of collected furniture or you’re looking for houses for sale in Ebbsfleet, Scandinavian design will work for any budget or property type. So take a trip to the zion of flat pack furniture, treat yourself to some Swedish meatballs and give the living room a new Nordic makeover.

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