What to Consider When Installing Bifolding Doors

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The installation of bifolding doors really open ups an interior in a way that few other architectural elements do. Particularly in an open plan living space, where the distinctions between kitchen, lounge and dining area are not clearly defined, bifold doors come into their own.  At their best, they make a garden or patio part of the living space – at least during the summer months. Even when closed, they allow for a great deal off flexibility in terms of light and access control. But, what do you need to consider before opting for a set of bifolding doors and what are the problem areas to look out for?

 Glazing Considerations

Many people are so keen on the idea of how bifolding doors open that they don’t spend much time considering the glazing, which can be a mistake. Of course, double glazing is important so that excessive amounts of heat are not lost in winter, but also keep an eye on the glazing in terms of solar control. Although curtains and blinds often look great with bifolding doors, they are not so good during the day when you want what a set of bifolding doors can bring to a room – a superb external aspect. As such, try to source a supplier who can provide solar control glass which means that overheating, especially for south facing doors, does not become a problem after they are installed.


Commonly, bilfolding doors are made from uPVC or a hardwood. These two materials are good if you want new doors to fit in with your existing window frames and double glazing. However, another great alternative option to weigh up is bifolding doors made from aluminium. Aluminium frames for glazed doors have a great reputation for their ease of use and reliability of service. This is because most aluminium systems are sold with guided rollers at the top and the bottom which not all bifold doors have. They can usually be painted to match your interior décor, too, so are worth considering even if none of the rest of your home’s glazing is framed in the material.

 Traffic Doors

In the summer, partially-opened or fully-opened bifolding doors both look attractive and are practical. However, if you need to get in and out regularly during the autumn and winter, then a traffic door might make sense. Incorporated into the bifolding system, these portals allow you to get in and out easily without having to move the entire door system. Some people are put off bifolding doors completely because they think their continual access requirements are too great to justify a set. However, the addition of a traffic door overcomes this problem.

 Creating a Single Space

When installing bifolding doors to connect an interior to an exterior, try too keep the floor levels at the same height to make the room continuous with the outside, especially if the doors overlook a decked space or similar. In such cases, opt for a low profile threshold which does not need to be stepped over. This creates the connected look which makes high-quality bifolding doors so popular.

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