How To Prepare When Visiting A Baby For The First Time

A new baby brings joy to the family. However, you need to know when to visit the baby, whether at home or in hospital. There are a few things you can consider to ensure that both the mother and baby are healthy and happy. Read on to learn how to prepare when visiting a baby for the first time. 

You Should Have an Invitation

You cannot randomly visit the mother with a new baby in the hospital. Giving birth is a painful experience which means the mother must have some time to rest. The invitation to visit may not come immediately, but do not feel offended. She may not be ready for a visit, so you need to be patient. You should call first to show the mother that you care for her and the baby. 

Buy Gifts

Be sure to ask if there is anything specific you can bring to the hospital when visiting the baby. Buying gifts for the new baby is another good way to show support to the new mother. According to professionals at, you should focus on getting gifts that provide entertainment, comfort, and practicality. There are no strict rules regarding prints, colors, styles, and themes. It’s best to look for colors that are not gender-specific to get the best gifts. 

Know the Time to Leave

When you visit a mother after she’s given birth, you should know that she will be exhausted and need some time to rest. Keep your visits short to give her sufficient time to rest and recover. Try to avoid overstaying your welcome but reassure her that you are willing and able to come again.

Bring Food

If the mother has just delivered a baby, she will be exhausted and may have no time or energy to cook. You must bring dishes that are easy to reheat and other treats for the siblings. Restaurants that provide delivery services are a great option to help the family out with food. Ask the mother first about the type of food they prefer before buying. 

Be helpful

You must offer some help to the mother and family when you visit the new baby. You should ask if you can do something to help the mother. You can hold the baby while the mother takes a nap or showers. Help with other things like cleaning the litter box, or walking the dog. Offer to play with other children in the home. There are different types of household chores you can do while the mother rests.

Know What to Ask 

New moms can easily be offended by what you say, so you must be careful. Don’t ask if the mother is breastfeeding or offer nasty comments. Never mention anything related to labor or the experience she went through during delivery. You should also avoid commenting on her parenting style since this is a matter of personal preference. Remember, the mother needs time to rest, so this is not time to give unsolicited advice. Things like feeding the baby are determined by the mother. Even if you have experience, it is a good idea to leave these things to the mother. 

Don’t Bring Kids

When you visit a baby for the first time, you should not bring young kids. Children can carry germs, or they can be rowdy and this will affect the mother who wants to rest. Ask if it is okay to bring grown children. Don’t assume you can hold the new baby. The mother and the baby must take time to bond. You can only hold the baby if the mother asks you to do so, but make sure you wash your hands, and that you are wearing clean clothes. 

Prioritize safety when you hold the baby and use both hands. Remove jewelry or anything that can cause harm to the kid. Your hair should not touch the child, and never kiss the baby since your mouth may have harmful germs. Hand the baby back to the mother when it starts crying. Keep your phone on silent to prevent unwanted noise. 

Don’t Visit When You are Sick

If you are not feeling well, don’t visit. If you have a cough or runny nose, stay away from the child. Wait at least two weeks if you have been exposed to individuals with contagious diseases. Ensure you’re clean and never smoke before visiting the baby. Wearing dirty clothes can affect the baby. 

A new baby brings happiness to the family and relatives. Before you visit the new kid, there are different steps you should take. Know the appropriate time to visit and give the mother enough time to rest. Offer to help and bring food to the mother who needs time to recover. Never visit if you are not feeling well.  

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