How to Survive a Home Renovation

Home renovations can honestly be very tough. You have to prepare so much such as gathering materials, budgeting and calculating the needed funds, and moving all the items out all while continuing your daily routine too. Renovations can come in big or small forms such as painting a wall up or something large such as tearing down the walls. Regardless of what the renovation is, you need to figure out a way to deal with this stressful time. This guide will help you survive your first home renovation.

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Protect Furniture

You’ll need to use old sheets, cloth, and even some tarp to cover up your furniture. This protective layer will help prevent dust or any sort of dirt from getting on it. At times, certain types of dusty debris can cause damage such as stains on the furniture. Whether you or contractors are doing the renovating, it’s best to just move all the furniture out of the room or home. But, understandably, this can’t always be an option. When renovating, there is going to be a lot of dust and dirt, so be prepared for that.

Ask Questions and Research

When opting for hiring a contractor to do the renovations for you, be sure to always voice your opinion and ask questions. Contractors are always open to hearing what you have to say, it is your home after all. So just voice your concerns whether it is something big or small that the contractor is working on. If you’re doing the renovations by yourself or with a partner, be sure to do some research but also communicate effectively. Whatever concern, question, or opinion you have (same goes for the other person) it should be addressed so the renovations go how both parties want it to be.

Take it Slow

While it may be different for contractors when doing renovations on your own it’s best to just take it a bit slow and tackle each room one by one. It’s far easier to stay organized when one room is completed and then the next begins. This also saves on a lot of time and stress too. In general, it’s just best to do things this way, especially if you’re renovating right before selling your home.

Have all Needed Materials

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This is mostly for those who plan to do the renovating themselves. Be sure to have all the needed materials on hand with you, because the process of renovating your space will take so much longer if you have to stop what you’re doing and go out to purchase something that’s needed. Be sure to order Bessey clamps online and whatever else is needed before beginning, such as paint, tools, cleaner, etc. If you choose to hire contractors, then this shouldn’t be a worry at all, as contractors will almost always bring their tools and materials for the project.

Stay Organized

Regardless of hiring a contractor or doing the work yourself, it’s so important to stay organized. You should write down the contact info, prices, and schedule of when the contractor is doing their work. When doing the work yourself, you should also write down what you’ll be doing on which day and how long you plan to spend on it. Also writing down your budget and how much was spent so far is also very important too.

Have Extra in Your Budget

It’s unexpected, but should be very necessary to have extra funds in your budget for renovating. Whether you’re hiring a contractor or doing it yourself, there should always be additional funds for the budget. At times, some issues go beyond your control or even the contractor’s control. So this will need to be addressed, and at times this will need to be addressed before work can continue. Having wiggle room in your budget is best. 

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