Plantation shutters

Why Plantation Shutters could be Ideal for your Windows

Today we’re taking a look at the benefits of Plantation Shutters and the reasons why they could be the ideal choice for your windows and doors.

Plantation shutters

Beautiful and elegant

Always neat and classic in design, colonial style plantation shutters will ensure your windows look perfectly dressed at all times, both inside and out.  They will increase the kerb appeal of your house whilst giving your interior decor a timeless quality.  Whether you opt for a more traditional white or cream finish (great for reflecting the light beautifully back into the room and adding an airy quality), or decide to go for a more moody and dramatic colour (which will add cosiness and is a great way to introduce colour to a room) its your choice and a surefire way to enhance your home stylishly.

Helping With Energy Efficiency

By keeping heat in during the winter and rooms cooler in the summer, plantation shutters not only look great but can aid your home’s energy efficiency.  Helping to banish draughts and lower heating bills, no matter what sort of window or door, you can have plantation shutters custom-fit which ultimately aids insulation.

Low Maintenance

Once they are installed, plantation shutters need little attention.  Whether you choose real wood or imitation, it is easy to dust plantation shutters down with a microfibre cloth or feather duster.  A damp cloth can remove more stubborn fingerprints and marks.

Privacy and Light Control

Another major benefit of having plantation shutters is the ability to control the amount of privacy and light you require.  You can choose to have blinds that cover the whole of a window, or just the lower panes – leaving top fanlights uncovered should you wish.  By tilting the slats, you can totally adjust the amount of light and solar heat allowed in – and also the view and amount of visibility – making them so much more versatile than a pair of curtains that you simply open or close!  The size of slat you choose can also make a difference to the light and privacy, so talk to a specialist supplier, such as Shutter Me Beautiful, before you decide.

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