What to Renovate in Your Home Before Selling

Selling your home can be a strange experience. Immediately you start thinking of all the things that need fixing and start doubting if anybody would even want to buy your house. But here’s some good news, that thought is a lie! Odds are, someone out there is looking for exactly what your house has to offer, and here are some tips on how you can add even more value to your home before putting it on the market.

Swimming Pool

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Now this one depends on where you live in the world, but in some countries swimming pools can make or break a deal when buyers are looking at a house, especially if they have kids. Swimming pools have a way of instantly making a property more attractive as the expanse of water gives a ‘more value for money’ feel. People also look for a property with a swimming pool because they don’t want to dig one themselves. So, when they walk into a house and see the shimmering blue water in the backyard, they instantly feel more drawn to your home because it’s already ticking all the boxes.


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Nothing says ‘you are home’ more than an inviting kitchen. While one of the more expensive renovations, a new kitchen will invite buyers into your home and instantly make them imagine themselves cooking in it. If you need some inspiration to kickstart your kitchen renovation, have a look at this Kitchen Visualizer to help you get a clear vision. A new kitchen is also one of the major factors anyone considers when looking at potential homes – “Can I see myself cooking in here EVERY night for the foreseeable future?” If the answer is yes, you probably just sold your house. That’s the stamp of approval you are looking for when potential buyers are viewing your home!


The fact is not everyone likes carpets. So if your home has old carpets, getting rid of them and installing a new hard floor will do wonders for the living areas and even the bedrooms. There’s nothing as refreshing as stepping into a potential home and seeing new floors because everyone knows installing floors is hard work. If you already did it for them, it adds the cherry on top. Floor installations don’t have to be pricey as well, there are loads of different options to choose from that are kind to the wallet but will still look amazing!


If you have a few leaks in the roof or haven’t checked the condition of the shingles in a while, it is highly recommended that you have your roof evaluated and replaced if needed. A roof is the largest and most visible part of your home, so making sure it is well maintained and free of any leaks will definitely add value to the overall resale price. According to a recent  cost vs. value report, a roof replacement’s resale value has increased since 2019, adding a resale value of more than $24,000 (that’s over £17K).

Making the big decision to sell your home can’t be easy. Not to mention the bittersweet emotions that start to creep in when considering letting go of the four walls that hold some of your dearest memories. But, the end of a chapter always leads to the beginning of a brand new one. If you already have all of these renovations under the belt and would like to do more but don’t know what, there are some great ideas you can get from this source to add even more dimensions to your home.

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