How You Can Turn Your Home Into A Happier And More Positive Space

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In life, we all need to be in a good place if we’re to get what we want. Once we’re in a happier and more positive headspace, it gives us the ability go out with more confidence and be able to experience things and really appreciate them without any potential anxiety or worries looming over us.

There are several ways to make yourself feel more positive and clear in mind and they usually all come down to making personal improvements or enhancing things in your immediate vicinity. You can rely on short-term highs, but they’ll eventually run out and put you back in the same spot again. Going to work on yourself and being kind to the inner you is the first step to putting yourself back in the right place mentally. 

Another positive step you can take is improving your home. You spend so much time in your house, it’s only right that you create a space that provides you with good vibes and makes you feel at ease. Everyone would like to live in paradise, and, sometimes, a perfect home for you can be exactly that. The human mind is a sponge that reacts to the stimuli around it, so the best thing to do is to surround yourself with things that will make you feel happy. If you live in a dreary and negative space, then you’re probably going to feel that way. If you live in a home that always needs work, those endless jobs are going to weigh on your mind. 

The effect that a nice home has on a person’s mind is pretty astonishing. You don’t have to live in the perfect showhome, but there are many things you can do to enhance your home and improve your overall quality of life – here are just a few:

Declutter Everywhere!

Everyone likes a tidy abode. It’s not just the aesthetic value and the fact that it makes moving around the house easier, though. There’s a certain feeling that clutter and hoarding gives you – it’s a pretty uneasy one. When you have lots of things lying around, being around it and just looking at it can make you feel a little sluggish. If you want to have a clear mind, then you’re going to have to make your home clear, too. 

What About The Welcome?

The way you feel when you enter your home matters a lot. It mattered when you first moved in, and it still matters now. First impressions are obviously key, so you’ll want to make sure you set the tone for the rest of your time indoors. Think about the front door and the entryway – does it give off a welcoming feel? Don’t have an overwhelming amount of things in the porch/foyer, either, as people need time to collect themselves as they enter new places (and even places they’ve visited hundreds of times). 

Think About The Colours

Colours play a big part in the way a person thinks. Some people prefer darker colours, and others prefer light. The general consensus, however, is that calmer, lighter colours provide a person with a lot more peace and tranquillity. This kind of thing is, of course, subjective, but you might want to have a little think about changing up your décor in this respect if you feel as though something needs a change. Maybe opt for something neutral.

Focus On The Fundamentals

If you have a solid base to work with in terms of your home, you can feel more relaxed. Once you have that foundation, such as reliable appliances, you can then look to add the little luxuries that make life sweet and comfortable. 

Take, for instance, the windows in your home, if the glass is cracked or they are old and draughty, you can worry about the lack of security and insulation. Windows are a pretty fundamental part of a home and need to be safe and efficient. Getting them replaced or heading to shuttercraft for some new shutters could put that kind of problem to bed. Once the underlying and necessary boxes are ticked, you’ll feel a lot better about your home as a whole!

Extend Or Convert

If you have the funds, the energy, and the can-do attitude, then perhaps an extension to your home or conversion might be a good way of boosting your mood and mind. If you feel as though you need more space to do things, then these two options would be great for giving you more room and a better-looking home with a higher value! For example a loft conversion or full-on extension could be a game-changer.

The Lighting Makes A Difference

Very much like colours making a difference, so too can the light. You’ll want to make sure that you’re getting enough natural light into the home, as that can change your mood in an instant. Being caged in and having the curtains drawn all day can bring anyone down. The natural light will also be helpful as it’s provides additional heat and comfort. In terms of artificial light, it’s obviously up to you, but having pretty lights scattered around could boost the atmosphere and make the ambience more pleasant. 

Go To Work On The Garden

The garden is just as valuable as the interior of the house. If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space, it can provide an extra dimension and peace when needed. If you have a garden that is messy or in need of renovation, then this can weigh on your mind. Everyone wants to look out of their window at their backyard and be pleased by what they see. If you aren’t exactly a landscape gardener, the least you could do is clear up and weed or mow the lawn regularly. If you are more hands-on then you could add a seating area and even a water feature to add a more relaxing feel. 


If you can upgrade an area (or areas) of your home, then why wouldn’t you? We mentioned the extensions/conversions and the garden work, but why not get professionals in to give you a new kitchen, bathroom, or living room? If you create a better home for yourself to live in, then you’re going to be more at ease day-in-day-out.

Photo by Alexander Zvir from Pexels

Child-Proof As Many Areas As You Can

If you have kids, then it’s essential to make your home as safe for them as possible. The idea of them getting hurt because of a sharp edge or a loose item would give anyone cause for concern, so be sure to look out for potential hazards. Child-proofing is a smart idea even if you don’t have kids of your owns, but friends and family do. Protect all visiting little ones!

Add An Extra Bathroom, Perhaps?

An extra bathroom is always helpful, as only having one can be a pain at times. If you have one bathroom, you are, of course, still in a good place, but if you live in a large family or share with others, then having a second bathroom can remove a lot of day to day stress. Getting one installed or tackling it as a DIY project could transform your home and lifestyle. 

Be More Positive!  

Even though we’ve focused on changes to the home and general home improvement, looking to improve your mindset could make a huge difference too. Learning to be appreciative and see the good in most situations will help train your brain into being happier. If you can continually do this, then you’ll make others around you feel positive too and infuse everyone with optimism and and a good feeling. 

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