How To Design And Create A Modern Kitchen

Few rooms in the modern home can match a kitchen for functionality and importance. The modern kitchen is expected to fulfil many functions. As well as being the place where your meals are cooked and stored, it’s also a social hub and dining area. If you’re considering a revamp for your kitchen area, it’s worth thinking about exactly how you’ll be using the area, and whether your storage is adequate for your needs.

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Identify your Utilities

Unless you’re going to re-pipe and rewire the room, the locations of your major appliances will be determined by the availability of your existing electricity and gas outlets. Choose an oven whose size matches the room. Even if your budget can stretch to something larger, you’ll want space free to keep your ingredients to hand on either side of the hob.

Think about Lines

The kitchen is naturally quite an angular space. Your cupboards and appliances will all be roughly cuboid, and thus it’s easy for the eye to be drawn along these spaces. You can take advantage of this by ensuring that your lines all converge around the room’s visual centrepiece, whether that’s a range oven or an island in the centre.

Go for Drawers

Heavy-duty drawers have a few major practical advantages over cupboards. For one thing, you’ll be able to easily reach heavy pots stored at the back of them. For another, you’ll be less likely to forget about items you haven’t used in a while, which might otherwise sit neglected at the rear of them.

Be Adventurous with Materials

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There’s been a recent trend away from stainless steel and classic chrome, and toward golds and brasses. It’s a great way to easily inject a little bit of glamour and colour to an otherwise sterile kitchen space. At the same time, the colour of your workspace is a great place to express yourself. Heavily veined marble and granite worktops can lend a little bit of character without being obtrusive.

Make Sure there’s enough Light

Natural light will help to make your kitchen appear that little bit more spacious. If the space allows for it, you might bridge the outdoors and the indoors with a large bi-folding door, which will in turn create a combined kitchen-dining area. To keep things bright at night-time, you might turn to a combination of downlights, hanging bulbs, and strip lights on the underside of countertops.

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