Give Your Home a Personality Injection

If you want your home to be one of those properties that drop people’s jaws when they come over for a visit, you need to inject the place with some personality. 

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Most people try to decorate their homes nicely, choosing a pleasing colour palette and picking the best furniture they can afford, but they may overlook those extra little style flourishes that every interior designer knows makes a home special. These touches add a certain something and you can use them to give your home more personality and a bigger wow-factor than ever before.

Don’t know where to start? Check out the following creative ideas to inject some personality into any home:

Wallpaper your shelves

If you have a lot of shelving units in your home, they can dominate and make the decor look dull. The good news is, there is a really simple way to give them a bit more oomph – wallpaper them. Yes, the simple act of adding bright bold wallpaper to the back of your shelving units can truly transform them. Not only does this method add an extra design element, but it draws the eye and ensures that your shelves stand out from everything else. Whether it’s a geometric print, a floral pattern or a botanical paper, adding wallpaper to your shelves will look amazing.

Create a gallery wall

Okay, so you may be thinking there’s nothing special about a gallery wall, and that everyone has one these days. That may be true, but you can still make a big impact with yours by doing it differently. Whether you use colour to give your frames an ombre effect, choose unusual abstract art for your wall display or fill the space with photos that showcase your own very unique personality, there are lots of ways you can still pack a punch with a simple gallery wall.

Reupholster your furniture

Lots of us have the same furniture that can be found in a million different homes, which means that our properties can be pretty lacklustre in the personality department. A good way of changing this is by learning how to reupholster everything from chairs to ottomans. Once you’ve learned this pretty simple technique, you can create totally unique pieces, using the fabrics you love, resulting in one-of-a-kind bespoke furniture looks that will make friends and family envious. 

Upcycle differently

Upcycling may be nothing new, but if you’re creative with it, you can add a lot of personality to your home. Instead of simply painting plain wooden furniture pastel pink or decoupaging your coffee table, think outside the box – for example transforming scrap metal into unique sculptures or lamp bases, using an old cupboard as a cocktail cabinet, planting succulents in teacups or tin cans and other quirky ideas. The more unusual the upcycling, the more unique your home will be.

Your home is crying out for its own distinctive personality, so why not give it one? You could start today.

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