Illuminate Your Outdoor Space for Magical Summer Nights

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The summer season is here with all its potential for nights out in the garden with friends and family. Here are a few ideas to get you started making your garden look inviting and festive.

Pimp your Pergola

So, not all of us have pergolas in our gardens, but if you have an archway or any overhead spaces, trellises, or fencing where you can wrap delicate little string lights, it can create a really special twinkly atmosphere that provides subtle lighting in the evening.

Top Tip: wrap outdoor weatherproof string lights around tree trunks and prominent branches for subtle lighting that will get you reeling in the compliments from your garden guests.

Fairy Light Festoons

Fairy lights are never out of fashion because they’re so versatile – they come in festoons, icicle-like trails, and nets, in various shapes, sizes and colours. They create a festival-like feel that really makes an occasion sparkle. It’s just a matter of shopping around for your favourite style and finding outdoor-compatible lights. It’s easier to be bill-friendly as well as environmentally-friendly with LEDs these days.

Light Up your Walkway

You can get solar LED ground lights at most hardware shops these days, but why not get something with a little more personality and old-fashioned charm? If you don’t have young children or pets, using candlelit torches to light up walkways or paths can look really atmospheric and create a festive feeling that will add to any garden occasion.

Lanterns & Lampshades

Lighting suppliers are getting more and more innovative with advances in technology and changes in garden design trends. Getting in with the Pinterest penchant for mason jars, you can even get specially made lantern jars that you can hang or place strategically around with fairy lights. Why not add a little personality to your string or festoon lights by adding colourful lampshades? Places like Cox & Cox stock some great options like both of these.

Battery Powered Lacy Lampshade - Rose Border (1)
Images from Cox & Cox

Colour Trends

Galvanised metals, zinc, brass and copper tones that harken back to a mid-century modern aesthetic are getting a lot of attention from savvy shoppers – these metallic colours are really trendy at the moment. If you’re looking for some hard wearing wall lights, opt for these metallic tones. You can get sensor operated lights that are ideal for finding your way to the door in the dark – they also save energy.

Even if your back or front yard isn’t in the finest of fettle, it’s so easy to make your outdoor space look pretty in the evening with a little illumination.

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