All Your Small Space Storage Problems Solved

striped laundry basketAre you wondering how to make your ‘cosy’ home better for storage?  This post takes a look at some ideas you can try to maximise the storage capacity of a small space.

The Golden Rule: Vertical Space

If you step into a room – even a small one – you might notice the sheer amount of unused space around the top of the room. It’s time to make use of that space and banish storage problems for good. Using shelving, hanging storage, undershelf and overhead storage for example, you can effectively maximise a room’s storage capacity without it taking up precious floor space. Also, getting chests of drawers with more height than width can help you get more in a small space.

Use Your Walls

Making use of wall space is a great way to get more into a room without extra furniture. You can really be creative with things like hooks, magnetic strips, and custom shelving that fits around your unique room shape. Don’t just stop at plain coat hooks; you can make your walls into a design feature using unusual or DIY hooks or artistic shelving. Wall space is ideal for displaying your prized possessions like books, pictures and ornaments, so no need to hide them away in storage.clothes-rail-918859_640


The doors in your home, including cupboards and wardrobes, require room to open outwards. So, where possible it could be a really good space saving idea to change the way they open from swinging to folding or sliding. You can get mechanisms from places like Barrier Components to help you do this.

Cupboard Space

Make your cupboard space work for you by investing in some space saving inserts. Things like spinning racks, drawers, shelves and dividers can help you use all of the available space in your cupboards. If you’re looking to add more cupboards, look into built-in storage in the nooks and crannies of your home. You can make custom-sized cupboards DIY style with the right tools and know how. Make the most of those alcoves.


Bad news for hoarders – getting rid of surplus clutter is an important part of living comfortably in a small space. Probably not what you want to hear, but the right path is not always the easiest – the thing with decluttering is that it makes life easier in the long run. Just having less ‘stuff’ in the background can help you destress and make space for the important things in life, as well as help with relocating if the time comes.

With these tips and tricks, any small home can be converted into a storage haven. Get inspired and get your DIY on.

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