Handmade Rudra Woollen Loop Rug from Sukhi

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This is the season when we like to make the home feel cosier, which usually means bringing out the candles and sofa throws, swapping your summer curtains for heavier ones and layering up the sofa with faux fur and velvet cushions.  And who doesn’t love getting a new rug at this time of year, too?

In my home, we have exposed floorboards which can be a little draughty, so a rug is an ideal solution for a cold floor and if you choose a wool rug rather than one with synthetic fibres it will be much more insulating and warm underfoot.  Which is exactly why I’m thrilled to be sharing a bit about the gorgeous handmade woollen rugs available from a company called Sukhi.

sukhi-rudraSukhi (meaning ‘happy’ in Nepali) has an amazing range of wool and felt rugs that are completely handmade.  They offer a wide choice of colours, patterns and styles.  Their mission is to provide high quality handmade rugs direct from the person who crafted it.

Just recently, I was sent a lovely Rudra Woollen Loop rug to get a closer look and feel.  This thick, textured rug is soft to the touch, springy and hard-wearing.  Made from the highest quality New Zealand wool, on a cotton and wool backing, it is crafted by skilled artisans working by hand where the rugs take approximately four weeks to complete.

What I especially like about these rugs, apart from the gorgeous appearance and the fact they are a natural wool product, is that Sukhi ensures their artisans earn a fair living wage; which means they can live comfortably and send their children to school.  The workers receive on the job training and are very aware that they are valued, which gives a genuine sense of pride in their work.



I’m really pleased with the rug we were sent and think it adds a lovely layer of texture, cosiness and interest to our living room – and I appreciate the time and effort that went into making our one-of-a-kind rug.

If you would like to know more about Sukhi and the different types of rugs that are available you can visit the website and check out this fascinating video about their artisans in Nepal.

With thanks to Sukhi and the artisan who created the rug we received for this review.

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