Is Your Home Winter Weathered? Make It Great Again!

Once the winter has passed, you may notice some changes to your home. Yes, that means it’s a tad weathered and not looking its best. Still, there’s no need to fret because a rustic style adds character and personality. Plus, it’s not as if the process is terminal. Properties that get battered and bruised by the UK’s autumn and winter months don’t have to continue looking tired and fatigued.

As the homeowner, you can do something about it, such as adding the job to your list of projects to begin this spring. Then, all you have to do is implement a selection of the following tips and your house will appear brand new again!

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Paint It

Okay, using paint to add freshness to any area of the home is almost cliche. But, and not to roll out another cliche, it’s popular for a reason – it works! Throwing a new coat over the exterior of your property will cover the flaws, at least from a distance. Plus, it incorporates colour, making it pop as the temperature rises. Of course, another incredible reason to check the shed for leftover gloss, aside from not letting it go to waste, is the price. Tins of paint are cheap and accessible makeover tools.

Restore Wood Damage

Thankfully, most materials are weather-resistance, at least to a point. Unfortunately, while wood is naturally robust, it’s more susceptible to the wind and rain than stone, brick, or cement. Therefore, wooden outdoor elements are probably going to need restoring. If this sounds tough, don’t worry because it’s pretty straightforward as long as you invest in the right tools. Take some filler and plug the gaps, if there are any, and then add a layer of stain to give the wood its natural ingredients back. Staining wood is also great if you want to play with your home’s colour scheme.

Or Get Rid Of It Altogether

Let’s face it – repairs are only doable if the damage isn’t bad. Considering global warming has increased the number of winter storms in recent times, you may have no choice but to remove the flaws altogether. In this case, it’s better to replace it with a water-resistant coating to prevent the same thing happening next November. Coloured external cladding is high-quality, affordable, and easy on the eye, so there are plenty of options at your disposal. You can always order a sample to see if it’s the perfect fit before placing a big order.

Get Gardening

The house is only one element of kerb appeal. The front garden, or the back if it’s visible, can take away from all your hard work. With that in mind, it’s time to remove everything that makes it appear overgrown and wild. Weeds are always on this list, as are trees and hedges, but don’t forget about clutter. Often, homeowners leave excess appliances in the garden, as well as DIY equipment, because of a lack of storage. Even if you have to squash them into the shed, they are better there than making the garden messy.

How is your home fairing? Is it spring-ready?

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