DIY Garden Ideas that are Both Simple and Environmentally Friendly 

Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

With sustainable living practices receiving more focus than ever before, environmentally friendly DIY projects are taking centre-stage in terms of both ethics and aesthetics. The following ideas are easy to execute and require little in the way of new resources, presenting trendy ways to improve your garden for little environmental cost. 

Bird House 

A bird house is often the amateur carpenter’s first project for a reason. They are easy to design, and even easier to put together. What’s even better is that a long-lasting outdoor bird house can be built without having to hammer in a single nail. Super-strong and waterproof adhesives are widely available, enabling you to put together a rugged bird house using sustainable materials, and without risking so much as a pranged thumb. Bird houses are a beautiful addition to a garden, not just in form but also in function – with some seed, you can coax all manner of birds into your new creation, giving your garden that bit more life throughout the year. 

Cinderblock Planters 

Spare cinderblocks are often left over after major renovation works such as an extension. Rather than leaving them stacked up in a corner of your garage, you can put them to good use in your garden, as the building blocks for a new plant arrangement. They are the perfect size and shape for harbouring flowers and small plants; simply stack them to your liking, fill them with soil and plant away. You can leave them as they are for a trendy brutalist aesthetic, or paint them using all-weather paints to suit your own tastes. 

Tin Lighting 

Chances are you are already cleaning and saving empty tins from cooking in order to recycle them. Why not repurpose them yourself, for a more efficient form of recycling? Tins are very versatile to work with, and can do an excellent job in a variety of outdoor uses – but one of the more bespoke ways in which you can re-use tins is by turning them into lighting. Battery-powered LED lights are easy to get hold of; simply paint and punch holes in your clean tins, stuff them with LED lighting and hang them around your garden for a unique and eye-catching way to illuminate your garden in the late evening. 

Repurposing Garden Waste 

Garden waste is easily wasted, but there are numerous creative ways to repurpose materials otherwise destined for landfill. Felled tree trunks can be cut into slices, which can then be used to create pathways in patio gravel or across your garden. Long twigs or sticks can be used to assist in your gardening efforts, as a support for growing plants. Even regular waste such as leaves and weeds can be re-used in the long-term – consider installing a small composter, and making your own fertile soil from compostable waste.  

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