How to Build Garden Decking with Easi-Deck

easi-deckLast week I was featured a helpful ‘how-to’ video from Easi-timber showing a step by step guide to installing a fence.

This week, I’m hosting another video from the series, which is a how-to guide to building a wooden deck, using Easi-deck materials which make the job much simpler.  The deck boards are machined to a grooved profile from quality timber from well managed sources and are high pressure preservative treated with Tanalith® E to cope with the great British climate for years to come.

Garden decking is a feature I would love to have in our back garden.  I’d never have contemplated my husband and me undertaking such a project ourselves, thinking it way beyond our capabilities, but actually, having watched the video I’m sure that anyone who is fairly hands-on with projects and enjoys a challenge, or has a bit of experience of building garden structures, could tackle it with Easi-deck!

Obviously, undertaking this sort of project yourself would save a heap of money; all you have to invest in is the materials and your time.  If you have a friend or relative who is able to help, so much the better.

The finished result is lovely, I’m sure you’ll agree.  Enjoy the video!


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