How Can Frameless Glazing boost your Home?

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While the property market may represent one of the more complex aspects of the UK economy, something surely has to give in the current climate. More specifically, there are a host of factors that are currently threatening economic stability in Britain, which when combined can have a potentially devastating impact on property owners and businesses nationwide.

As British house prices continue to rise (admittedly at a slower rate than during the first six months of 2014), for example, so too the average national wage remains stagnant. The average cost of a British home rose by 12.1% between last year and this, while the typical employee edged only slightly upwards by 1.3%. With this likely to continue into the New Year, struggling home-owners will have a difficult choice to make regarding their future.

 Boosting your Home: How Frameless Glazing can Add Value and Lustre

 With this in mind, now may be the ideal time to consider selling your home. After all, the inflated price points across multiple regions suggest that you will be able to secure a healthy profit on your initial investment. The only issue with this is that the market may begin to depreciate, especially as a growing number of potential buyers are priced out of investing. The rate of growth in British real estate has already begun to fall, and further decline may leave you with a limited window of opportunity to make your move.

The first step is to maximise the existing value in your property, starting by identifying any actions or modifications that can help to you to boost profit and engage viewers. One of the most popular modifications in the modern market is the installation of frameless glazing in your home, which means that windows can stretch from floor to ceiling and create a striking visual spectacle. This feature is becoming increasingly popular in trend-conscious and up-market regions such as London, so it has the potential to add financial value to your property even in a competitive climate.

There are additional benefits of installing frameless glazing; however, as we have already touched on the fact that it provides a popular modification in trendy regions. It will therefore automatically boost its appeal to aspiring buyers, which in turn could enable you to execute a quicker sale for a viable price. Also, frameless glazing can create the illusion of grandeur and space even in smaller, new-build homes, simply because it optimises the amount of natural light that illuminates the properties interior. This creates a beautiful visual aesthetic, and one that wow buyers and give your product a critical edge in the marketplace.

With this in mind, frameless glazing can value to your home in a number of alternative ways. This makes it an excellent addition to any property, especially in an unstable market with declining growth and the potential for further depreciation.  Available from suppliers such as FCG, it can also be sourced relatively cheaply and is easily accessible.

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