Luxe Essentials for a Fabulous Beach Day

Now that summer is approaching, we can dream about the beach days ahead and hopefully soon we will be able to travel to exotic beaches anywhere in the world. So while we look forward to the beach days to come, now is a great time to also plan and prepare for what you will want to bring with you when you step onto the sand and dip your toes in the sea!

Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

Here are some luxe basics for a beautiful beach day:

For swimmers, a great watch

A great watch is a key piece to have, especially for swimmers. If you get a smartwatch it can help you track essential health metrics and provide safety features, such as keeping track of how long you have been out and when you need to head back in. You can find beautiful watches that are high-quality and practical for a day at the beach thankfully, such as the Rolex DeepSea watch via places like the Rolex Boutique of Pisa Orologeria in Milan. Until we can travel to the actual shop in Italy, we can dream for now on their website. 

Monogrammed cooler tote

A cooler tote is an essential for every beach day, but a monogrammed one makes it even more of a luxe item to have with you. Find one that matches your personal style and you’ll be even more excited to bring it with you! Pack it with your favorite food, snacks and chilled drinks for your day at the beach and you can comfortably stay out all day by the water’s edge.

Inflatable sofa

An inflatable sofa is one of those items that you may not automatically think of when heading to the beach, but once you experience it you’ll never go without it! A Lazmac original, for example, is convenient to bring with you but also makes for an even more luxurious day at the beach because it offers such great comfort. While you can make do laying directly on the sand or on a towel, or sat in a proper beach chair, nothing compares to an inflatable sofa!

Wrinkle fighting sunscreen from Sisley

Sunscreen is a daily essential, and you always want to pack one (or multiple) with you for days at the beach. Even better, a luxe wrinkle-fighting sunscreen that is wonderful for sun protection and also has those added skincare benefits as well.

Silk beach coverup

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

A silk beach coverup is a luxe essential, compared to an everyday beach coverup that many of us may ordinarily grab for the beach. A silk beach coverup levels up your beach fashion, and it’s also really soft on your skin which is always a welcomed experience. But especially after a day with sun, salt and sand exposure, your skin will thank you for the gentle feel of the silk coverup. Not to mention, they look beautiful and give your beach look an elevated style of its own.

These items may be a bit “extra”, but one can dream right? Those little touches of luxury can actually end up being the big things, and when it comes to giving your days at the beach a boost, they can absolutely be worth it!

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