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cushionsPurchasing cushions from a homeware store to add a pop of colour or revamp your décor is what most of us normally do, but why not think about making some homemade cushions for a change?  It is certainly cheaper, more creative and satisfying!  However, knowing the right fabrics, materials and tools to use to make the cushions is essential in order for them to come out beautifully and to ensure they are durable for the longer term.

What materials and tools are necessary?

The materials necessary for making cushions for the home are: pillow stuffing, fabrics, needles, threads and any decorative pieces to enhance the cushions such as buttons or beads. Having a sewing machine on hand is a bonus, but not eseential as you can hand stitch the edges or even just use iron on sewing tape.  You will also need scissors, thimbles, measuring tape and chalk pencils to help draw out measurements correctly for easy cutting of the fabric.

What fabric should I use when making my own cushions for my house? 

If you are wondering about the fabric to use for making your own cushions, the best types are those that suit your home décor; for example if the home is a modern country style, stick to fabrics such as plaids and flannels. If the home has a vintage feel, silks or fabrics with beautiful patterns will be best.  If the cushions are for a child’s room, use fabrics with characters on that the children love, or colours they adore. You could embellish them with alphabet letters cut from felt, but the main thing is to use fabrics that complement the room, add colour and are comfortable to snuggle up with.

Another factor to consider is that the fabric should be washable, especially where children are concerned!  If the cushions are being made for an outdoor area of the home, then the fabric will need to be weatherproof, as you don’t want them to fade or discolour quickly.

If the cushions are being used as decorative pillows on a bed or sofa, try making them from Egyptian cottons, which are soft, comfortable and luxurious for relaxing on.

Making sure the fabrics are also durable can ensure that the cushions will last a long time and hold the form they are supposed to. Nobody wants cushions that become stretched, flat or shapeless over time and uncomfortable to use!

Choosing the right fabric from a renowned store like UK Fabrics Online will ensure a good result for your cushions.  If you have never made cushions before but want to give them a go, keep to a simple design and follow a tutorial like the one I found on Pinterest recently from Lucy Kim Likes.  If you’ve made your own cushions before, or plan to make some in the future, I’d love to hear!

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