Roof Blinds for Light and Heat Control

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Living in the UK, natural daylight flooding into the home can seem like a rare commodity, especially at this time of year.  Any home improvements that help to maximise the light are always welcomed, for example by installing modern bi-fold doors or roof lights.

Although I’m really looking forward to spring and the chance to enjoy a bit more of that elusive sunlight, it can pose a problem when trying to work or spend time on hobbies.  If your office, or sewing room for example, features a lot of glass, or channels daylight from above, it can be great for working in, but not necessarily on a very sunny day where you are dealing with heat or glare.  I know this only too well from previously having my computer desk set up in our conservatory – squinting for any length of time at a screen or notepad is not comfortable.

The most effective way of dealing with this problem is by fitting blinds.  This is an option I will be looking into for our conservatory, which has the dual problem of excess brightness and heat over the summer.  Blinds would definitely help by reducing the glare and deflecting some of  that heat too – not to mention giving us additional privacy.  Even though I no longer use my PC in the room, it is a large, useful space which we don’t want to be able to use for only part of the year.

In rooms with rooflights, often in a kitchen or loft room, roof blinds can really be essential and fortunately you can get a variety of styles such as roller, pleated or venetian in a range of colours and fabrics.  You can even get black out blinds to completely kill the light which is a great option in some circumstances, for example in a child’s nursery when they need to take a daytime nap.

Does too much or too little daylight pose a problem in your home and how do you deal with it?

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