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Whilst moving home can be an incredibly exciting event, it can also be a time of chaos and stress, as you put your whole life in boxes and move it to a different place in the world… even if that place is just down the street! Yet it doesn’t have to be the nightmare that we’ve all been told about. If you manage your move carefully, with plenty of forethought, you can find ways to create a much more pleasant experience. That way, you can settle into your new home quickly, and start about the business of tailoring it to suit all your needs and ensuring you’re living in the house of your dreams.

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Give Yourself Time

The most important factor when it comes to moving-home stress is that of time. If your move-in date to your new place, and the move-out date of your old place, are the same date, this is a recipe for last-minute disaster. If possible, always give yourself at least a month of overlap for your move. If you’re moving within a city or a smaller area, this will allow you to spread it out over a few weeks, taking the pressure away. Even if you’re moving halfway across the world, a bit of leeway can be incredible for your state of mind, knowing that if you’ve forgotten something you can always get a friend to go round and pick it up for you before the house leaves your possession.

Use Storage

If your move dates can’t be so luxuriously spaced, you can use self storage facilities to help ease the need for you to do everything in one go. Take some time to transfer your non-vital possessions (seasonal clothes, board games, etc) to a storage locker. Then, your move day doesn’t have to involve moving literally everything you own, and you can take your time moving those items into your new place. Giving yourself this middle step is a great way to move without stress, ensuring everything stays organised and under control.

Working with a Removals company also unburdens the stress of dealing with everything on your own since it takes up the heavy lifting associated with relocations. In addition, you get to move your items at your convenience.

You can also sort out the items you need in your new home from the self-storage facilities. Some customers even decide to sell off these items at the expense of moving them. Therefore, if you are unsure what items you need, you can store them in these facilities as you figure out what to do.

Be Clever With Boxes

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

You might think that the fewer boxes you can manage, the better. Yet this is a mistake! Stuffing lots of objects into huge boxes only means they become harder to find, and that those boxes can easily become much too heavy for you or anyone else to move around. More, smaller boxes, are actually much more effective when it comes to moving. You lessen the risk of injuring yourself by trying to lift and carry them, and you can label them much more specifically so you know exactly where everything is.

Hire a Van

So many people, especially moving within a small area, become tempted to try and do the whole thing themselves. In reality, the cost of hiring a moving van, even for a short distance, is far outweighed by the benefit of having professional help with your move. Even just a pair of extra, capable hands can be a total game-changer when it comes to uprooting your life. So put your pride to the side, and employ the professionals to help you move your home as easily as possible.

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