Make the Most of the Summer With These Family Trips

The summer is an undeniably glorious time of year for families. The school holidays return your kids to you for six weeks of fun and bonding, and the wonderful weather is all the more inspiring for making those weeks count.

But purse strings are tighter than ever, as rising inflation has decimated family budgets. For many, holiday trips abroad are sadly an unjustifiable expense. Domestic holidays, though, remain an inexpensive and rewarding option for holidaying families on a tighter budget – allowing you to explore the finest landmarks and landscapes the UK has to offer. Here are some of the best ways you can make the most of the summer with your family.


Scotland is a pre-eminently beautiful country, boasting sublime natural beauty as well as an incredible culture. Scotland is a popular domestic holiday destination for a great many reasons, and one of those reasons is Edinburgh.

Edinburgh is a progressive city, with incredible history and so much to offer visitors. From natural formations like Arthur’s Seat to cultural bastions such as the Edinburgh Fringe, there are countless ways you can plan a short city break in Scotland’s urban jewel. There are also some hidden gems in the city, such as the Blair Street underground vaults – and the spooky stories that come attached…

Chester Zoo

There is no better way to make the most of a family day out than to take your children to the zoo. Zoos are magical places, that bring together the best of the natural world for your kids to discover and enjoy. Chester Zoo is a particularly well-regarded zoo, a formative experience for many in the UK – and the perfect destination for your family.

Chester Zoo boasts an impressive array of animals – a day at Chester Zoo can introduce you and your children to all manner of creatures great and small, from capybaras to giraffes and beyond. After the fun-filled day of animal sighting, continue the mini-break with a relaxed stay in with healthcare workers benefitting form a premier inn discount to further subsidise the cost of the trip.

The Lake District

Last but certainly not least, if you’re seeking a bit of a break from it all there is but one place to take your family: the Lake District. The Lake District National Park is a sprawling wilderness with breath-taking landscapes, comprising glacier lakes and edifying mountaintops. The Lake District is the perfect place for a family camping trip or a road trip over the winding roads that follow the lake shores.

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