Making a House Into a Home – Top Ways to Improve Comfort

Your home is your safe space, so naturally, you want it to look tidy and beautiful. Having the right decor and accessories is one of the best ways to outlet your creativity and create a home that you are proud to walk into. 

An equally important and perhaps less-discussed aspect of the home is comfort. How can you make your home beautiful and comfortable? These two essentially go hand-in-hand; the appearance of your home as well as the physical items are what create a sense of homeliness.

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Add a splash of artwork

Having some artistic features in the home give it that extra sense of character. The beautiful thing about art is its subjectivity; whatever art you prefer is a reflection of your personal taste. Art also makes a great talking point for dinner parties, making it stimulating in ways other than just aesthetically.

Artwork doesn’t mean just paintings and drawings, but vases, wall-hangings, small sculptures. Such ornaments and pieces can coordinate elegantly with other aspects of your decor or do the opposite and stand out. Adding art features to the home will brighten up the room and add in an unparalleled sense of vibrancy. 

Choose the right sofa

Your sofa is the heart of the living room. It’s where you really relax and unwind, so having the right one is an ideal way to maximise comfort in the home.

Treating yourself to a nice sofa means giving yourself that well-deserved down-time. As sofas are so durable, it’s easy to cling onto the same one for a number of years.

If you think it’s gotten to the point where it’s time to change up your furniture, consider getting a recliner sofa. Reclining sofas are the ultimate luxurious experience, allowing you to sit back and relax – quite literally. They are also excellent for those who suffer from back problems, which many of us do in some form, particularly with long working days in front of a computer.

A nice, comfortable sofa creates an immediate sense of cosiness when you walk into a room. For an even cosier feel, you can dress it up with a soft blanket or throw.

Having a comfortable sofa is a great way to enhance family life too. A place where everyone can sit together and watch a film. It may also be a place where pets end up going – against your will!

Get some fluffy rugs

The next stage in creating a comfier home is to put your feet first. Many people have wooden flooring due to its chic appearance and ease of cleaning, but it undeniably is not the most comfortable.

Rugs come in many different materials, from velvet and linen to silk. All share the same benefit of being softer on your feet as well as making the room look brighter. A previously bland room has an entirely different appearance when a rug is present, making the room instantly look more homely and as one that prioritises comfort.

Like artwork, rugs offer a way to get creative with the decor. A bright, bold colour may add some uniqueness to a previously dingey room. A minimalistic style or cooler shade will make the decor look more chic and cohesive.

Re-assess your lighting

Harsh, bright lights are relatively uninviting. Highlighting every imperfection, straining the eyes, and worsening headaches are just a few of the unwanted effects. 

Lighting is also one of the best ways to create ambience in your home, with links to improved wellbeing and rest.

Dimmable lights are an excellent way of creating a more ambient atmosphere. It allows you to tailor the lighting to the mood, dimming them when necessary – rather than having to have a fully blacked-out room when trying to watch a film.

Other potential additions include fairy lights and salt lamps. These quirky lighting options have a therapeutic feel to them and add a sense of uniqueness. You can conveniently place them around the mirror, window, or other areas you wish to highlight. 

Utilise the power of scent

There is perhaps nothing more powerful than scent in evoking a sense of calmness. When waking through the front door and being met with a combination of relaxing aromas, you will instantly unwind.

Fragrance layering means adding in different, complementing scents. This can take a bit of experimenting but essentially just consists of finding the right scents which work together and are not too overpowering. 

Different ways of having warming fragrances in the home include candles, diffusers, incense, and wax melts. With a combination of alluring fragrances, your senses will be satisfied.

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