Making Space for Wall Art in Your Interior

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels

The time has come, you have bought the painting that suits you completely. Maybe it’s a colourful and exciting abstract work or a lovely landscape in soft pastel shades. Maybe you fell for a painting with human figures or a cool city silhouette. Whatever choice you have made, now it is important to give your carefully chosen work of art a good place in your home.

Tips, guidelines and tricks for your wall art

Although you naturally follow your own taste, there are also a number of guidelines that make wall art look even better.

  1. Make sure the work is well lit. For example, you can focus a spotlight on the painting.
  1. A (too) small painting above a large three-seater sofa will not be the eye-catcher you want. When sizing the work, consider the dimensions of other items in the room, such as the sofa, sideboard, or TV cabinet.
  1. No cluttered space! Although a gallery wall can work well, dare to leave the rest of the wall blank. It is a pity if the painting is lost in amongst many other decorations.
  1. A painting that hangs too high will not attract the attention it deserves. Make sure the center of the painting is at eye level. If you want to see the artwork well when you are sitting, it is better to hang it even slightly lower.
  1. A nice frame can give a painting just the finishing touch.
  1. Hang the painting as flat as possible against the wall. This prevents annoying shadows or disturbing light that do not benefit your painting. 
  1. You may not have considered this, but hanging art becomes much easier by using a hanging system. You can place rails on the wall, with which you can easily move the painting. If you see that the painting has to be a little more to the right or to the left, that is no problem with a rail.

Tips for beautiful walls with abstract art

Keep colours neutral, but opt ​​for shapes and patterns

Abstract works of art don’t have to be a multicolored mass of movement. Many artists stick to neutral or earthy color palettes that bring warmth and elegance to a space. Richly textured, extraordinary work draws attention away from smooth, modern decor and creates a new focal point through its organic shapes.


So when styling with abstract art, don’t feel obligated to prioritise bright colours. You can actually use the shapes and patterns from an abstract work of art very well.

Use a frame for highlighting

A clever way to fill up the space while still allowing a loud and colourful piece of art to breathe is to select a diptych or triptych of similar works and frame them identically.

Abstract paintings are often bought unassembled, so that as an art lover you can choose for yourself which style of hanging fits best in the space.

Artworks with lowlights or dark undertones are well suited for a strong frame, and the use of black frames here helps to create a flow within the space.

Wall art can be hung to give a neat and beautiful look to the space above a sideboard. Add a pair of tall lamps to help frame the picture. Note also the choice of large kitchen wall art is a unique way to bring a different element to the heart of the home, whether monochrome photography, or organic shapes. They can really bring the whole home to life.

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